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How to Use Existing Items in Your Interior Design?

Although an interior designing course at a reputed college (there are great interior designing colleges in Delhi) will groom you well for the interior designing industry and familiarize you with the best practices of the trade, in the real world, working for a client, you have to use your own head and work smart. This means learning to work within restrictions and not only making the best of a situation but making it work for you favorably

Unless a client is asking you start from scratch, they’ll likely have a few existing pieces of furniture. These existing pieces of furniture might have a place in your new design and you should use them unless specifically asked not to or if you don’t want to. Clients will sometimes want to hold on to old furniture and ask you to give them a place in your new design. Whatever might be the case, here are tips on how to use existing items in your new design.

1. Save what the client loves (or what you like)

Is this one a no-brainer is a current sofa something the client invested a lot in and is in great shape? Does the client’s grandmother’s vintage writing desk have a special place in their heart? Do you think that that chandelier is perfect the way it is? No need to ditch the things the client loves or what you feel are exceptional, just because you’re supposed to design the place and give it a new life. We truly believe that if a piece has quality and value, you can work around it!

2. Ditch what’s falling apart

If the client is holding onto items that are falling apart or those that do not go well with your design, tell them so gently but firmly (you were asked to design the place, be confident in your abilities). It is an established belief among interior designers that furniture should work for a place, not against it, so anything that isn’t holding its weight (literally), should be done away with! Textiles like curtains, rugs, and bedding can show wear and tear if they’ve been in use for a while, so it’s never a bad idea to give these a refresh when designing something new.

3. Recognize versatile pieces

Consoles and cabinets can make great pieces for pretty much any room in a house (the same goes for bookshelves), so if the client has a good piece that doesn’t quite fit where you’d expect it to, just keep it in case it’ll work in another space in some other room. Is that side table in good shape, but maybe not the right color for your new digs? A fresh coat of paint or a new finish can give a piece a whole new life.

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