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Ifloor Types Of Wood Flooring Underlayment

Underlayment is used as a base or substrate to make the top flooring more durable and smooth. There are many types of wood flooring underlayment. iFloor, the first e-commerce discount flooring store website, shares us some information about the types of floor underlayment.

Wood flooring underlayments are categorized into different types. These types differ from each other when it comes to properties and usage. Specific types are used for specific flooring finish to ensure desired results. Here is the most common wood flooring underlayments used:

Oriented Strand Board Often referred to as OSB, it is one of the most natural and economical types of wood flooring underlayment. The materials used are engineered wood products which came from small-diameter and fast growing trees that are easily replaced. This floor underlayment is inexpensive compared to other types. It is easily and directly installed by the use of glue or nails.

Plywood Plywood is another engineered wood product. Cross laminated wood veneers are pressed together and left under a high level of heat to produce ply wood. Plywood can serve as an alternative to Oriented Strand Board. They are both easily installed by gluing or nailing them directly to the subfloor.

Advantech If you want the characteristics of Oriented Strand Board or plywood but want it much durable, you can go with Advantech. This type is similar to the previous ones except that it has a waterproof coating and a unique tongue and grove design. These characteristics prevent the wood from swelling. It is also directly installed by the use of glue or nails.

Concrete This type of wood flooring underlayment is recommended for direct adherence of wood flooring using a eood floor glue. Aside from being a wood flooring underlayment, concrete may also be used as a subfloor.

Felt Paper Also called as Tar Paper, Felt Paper wood floor underlayment is used for wood subfloors with overlapping fashion. It keeps moisture from entering the subfloors which may cause damage. It is also preferred to correct minimal flooring imperfections. This type is best when wood flooring will be nailed into the wood substrate. Felt paper underlayment is usually available in rolls of 15 or 30.

Standard Foam Underlayment This type of wood flooring underlayment is known for its noise-dampening quality. It is a 1/8 inch padding of a synthetic product made of polyethylene foam. Standard foam underlayment is recommended when using floating flooring products or flooring installed without the use of nails or just minimal glue.

Foam and Film Combination Underlayment This type of underlayment is just a standard foam but with moisture preventing capacity. It prevents moisture from getting in contact with the wood subfloor which may damage it by having a barrier. The barrier is made of an additional layer of film.

These are the most common types of wood flooring underlayment. They provide better top flooring look and durability. Get only the best underlayments by visiting iFloor.

Advantages of Oak Flooring Reading

A well known-phrase is that an Englishman’s home is his castle, so it is understandable that for his home he’ll want only the best – and nothing can be as good as well cared for and expertly decorated home, in which all are welcome. Unfortunately after a few years, even the most cared for room that was immaculately decorated can start to lose its appeal. One element of the decoration which can help a room remain appealing, warm and breathtaking for years to come is well installed oak flooring Reading provided by an experienced carpenter.

Wooden floors, and in particular oak flooring, have became a popular acquisition within all properties over recent years, and those homeowners who have invested in wooden flooring will be reaping various benefits that the flooring offers – examples of which can be found below.

Value for Money:

There’s no hiding the fact that a well installed quality wooden floor, especially oak flooring, can be an expensive acquisition in the short term. However, in the long term, so long as your flooring is laid by professionals who’ll make sure it’s perfectly constructed without any gaps or cracks; it can be a great investment for your home.

By having wooden flooring which is well laid and well maintained, you will see the value of your property increase, compared to a property of an identical build, but with carpet flooring. The reason that wooden flooring has proven extremely popular amongst homeowners is because it promises to brighten up and add warmth to any room.


Whilst a carpet will require a clean a few times a week with a vacuum just to get rid of the dust that’s built up, and a more thorough clean to rid of stains at the weekends, wooden floors don’t need this kind of intensive care.

Instead the cleaning and maintenance of a wooden floor is quick and simple. To remove the dust that may have built up around the edge of wooden floor, using a thin bristled brush give it a good sweep or with a fine bristled vacuum give it a once over. If you want to remove any wet footprints or drink spills, use a slightly damp cloth and wipe over the affected areas; in no time at all it’ll be sparkling like new.


As with carpets, oak flooring is available in a variety of colours and finishes, meaning that you’ll be able to find the perfect flooring to fit in with your current decor and furniture.

With the designs of oak flooring Reading that are available you can be certain that even in five years time when you opt to change the wallpaper, furniture and fittings in a room, you can be certain that the flooring will still bring everything together, offering the perfect room for you and your family.

This article was written by Joel Tarplin on behalf Butler Cox Flooring; expert providers of oak flooring Reading.

Hardwood Flooring – How To Make Purchasing And Installation Easier

Do you believe that hardwood flooring could transform your house into a home? These types of improvements are beautiful additions to any living space, but may be expensive to have installed. If you and your family have decided upon investing in a new floor, then here are some tips on how to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

The first step you will want to make is to know exactly where you will want the new flooring to be. Take your vision of home dcor and modify it into a concrete plan of dimensions and surface area. Specific types of wood can be very costly, not to mention the labor involved in installing the boards. So, hammer down the specifics ahead of time and do not make more work for a business than you have to.

Once you have decided on this detail, examine the area to see if plywood subflooring is already installed. For example, if you have an area where carpet was recently removed, check to see the thickness of the plywood material. Knowing what thickness of wood boards will be based on this information. This is especially important if there are doors that open into the room in question. If the new surface is too thick, then the doors may have to be trimmed or changed, as they may not open properly.

After dimensions of all sorts are jotted down, decide between pre-finished or non-finished boards. Non-finished boards will need to be sanded and sealed with polyurethane after being laid and installed, where as pre-finished ones will not. The difference is, of course, cost, but this can all depend on who you are hiring and how much time you have to focus on this project.

Along with finish details come those that deal with staining. Are you going to want a surface that has a particular look to match the rest of the room? Give this some thought and make a choice you think you will like for a long time. Most flooring companies will have samples and pictures to help you make your decisions before hiring anyone.

A final detail you will want to work out before the actual boards are nailed down is the exact amount of wood your area will require. These types of jobs usually end up with about 15-20% of waste, due to specific cutting in order to fit the dimensions. Make sure you do not sign an order for more wood than you will need. Most installers will calculate this detail for you, but just to be on the safe side, clarify.

In the end, after giving a good bit of thought on your home improvement and gathering the proper data, you will make the installation process run as easily as possible. In all likelihood, you will save some money, too. Just set aside an hour or so to collect the square footage and you will be thankful later. Also, do not rush into making a choice on the look of new floors. Take your time and pick one that will add appeal to your house for years to come.

If you are considering hardwood flooring, New Jersey is home to professionals you can trust to transform your home. For more information visit:

Understanding The World Of Vct Flooring

There are several different kinds of floorings you can choose from these days. But if you want something durable, VCT flooring is the best choice for you especially if a lot of people are coming in and out of your place.

What is VCT?

VCTs or Vinyl Composite Tiles are finished floor covering materials that are mostly used in institutions and commercial areas with high traffic and come in with various thickness (with 1/8 the most commonly used). They are basically made up of colored vinyl pieces that are created into sturdy sheets.

Why use VCT for my office?

VCTs are highly preferred for high-traffic zones in any commercial building or establishments since they are essentially low cost but durable and easily maintained. The VCTs have high resistance to abrasions and damages due to impacts. Plus you can refinish them over and over again with chemical strippers and mechanical polishing tools. And if your VCT flooring is properly installed, they can easily be taken out and changed with new ones when damaged. You can even choose from a variety of designs and colors that will complement your offices overall design. Some of these designs even resemble stone, wood, concrete and terrazzo in detail.

How will I maintain my Vinyl tiles?

You need to sweep and mop the tiles using a mild cleanser as often as needed, depending on the amount of traffic the area receives. However, you need to have a professional cleaning service clean and polish your tiles or do VCT wax repairs periodically depending on the amount of scuffing your floor receives.

But if you choose to do the waxing yourself, make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Take care also that sweep and dust the floor before applying the wax. Dust particles have uneven surfaces and can bring about a sand paper effect and could scratch the wax finish when dragged around the floor. Once done, you need to prepare a rayon floor map, VCT wax, cotton rags and a bucket with a wringer.

Make sure that you follow the instructions from the manufacturer when mixing the wax solution in the bucket. Simply soak a rayon mop with the wax solution and apply it on the surface of the floor using smooth and even strokes. Apply at least three coats of wax but allow each wax coat to dry completely before applying the next coat.

After proper waxing, you need to polish and do final scrubbing. After these, you can enjoy your new floor! Stripping and waxing them should be done at least once a year. But again, if your office sees more traffic than usual, maintenance should be done more frequently to preserve the vinyl tiles.

As you can see, such process is easy but labor-intensive. To make sure that the stripping, buffing and wax applications are done right, choose a tile specialist that can give you quality service at a lower cost.


If you want your office floor to look good in a limited budget and maintain them without any difficulties, then choosing VCT floor covering is a good judgment.

What is the Right Type of Carpet Flooring for a Home in Spring, TX

So what does the weather have to do with deciding which type of carpet flooring is right for your Spring, TX home? Well, there are several factors you have to determine.

To begin with, carpet flooring in Spring, TX can come in either tile squares or solid rolls. Carpet rolls can be installed in one or more larger pieces, while carpet tiles are usually laid down separately. This means that if your carpet receives extensive damage, it may be necessary to replace the carpet in an entire room if it roll carpet. You may be able to replace individual carpet tiles, however, making it only necessary to replace those particular squares of carpet flooring that were damaged in your Spring, TX home.

Also where damage is concerned, when roll carpet is damaged, especially if it water damage, the under pad can also become damp or even as soaked as the carpet itself. When this occurs, it is possible that water damage will occur to the sub-flooring (the surface on which the under pad and carpet has been installed) also. It may be necessary to repair or replace this too along with the under pad and carpet.

This may be easier to avoid with carpet squares. As soon as you notice the water damage, you can immediately remove the squares that were soaked and proceed to check the sub flooring for damage. If none is evident, you can quickly start the drying process on those areas where the carpet tiles had to be removed so that it doesn’t occur.

You also want to take the “pile” or carpet height into consideration. Since summers can be very hot and humid, and carpet with a deep pile may make a room feel hotter, even if the carpet flooring in your Spring, Texas home has very little to do with the inside temperature. Carpet flooring in Spring, TX with a low pile, such as Berber carpet has, may actually give the impression that the room is cooler. Both high and low pile carpet flooring will keep your home warm in the winter.

Bear in mind, too, that carpet with a higher pile is sometimes harder to keep clean and attractive looking, as the pile can become flattened or matted. You won’t have this problem with low pile, although low pile may show dirt or stains worse than high pile. These are some other things you will need to take into consideration.

Be sure to visit several flooring stores when looking for carpet flooring in Spring, TX so that you can make a good price comparison. While you are comparing carpet prices at different stores, remember to ask if the quoted price includes under pad and installation fees, if you are going with roll carpet. The under pad may be sold separately from the actual carpet flooring in one Spring, TX store while it is included in the overall price at another.

You will not have to worry about installation fees if you plan on doing the job yourself. However, if that is your plan, keep in mind that you will need special tools to install the carpet flooring in your Spring, TX home. It may be possible to rent these tools or borrow them, thus saving you the cost of having to buy them.

Anderson Floors Exotic Impressions Making An Impression On The Environment

Longing for hardwood floor with a rare, distinctive touch? Do you like the idea of an exotic wood floor, but are concerned about the environmental impact of cutting down rare, endangered wood species? Anderson Floors has the answer for you with a highly popular, environmentally sustainable engineered flooring collection Exotic Impressions.

With the rising popularity of exotic flooring, Anderson launched the Exotic Impressions line with the intention of making exotic-looking hardwoods available to homeowners, without a negative impact on the environment that is often seen with exotic woods. With exotics, the growing demand means that trees are torn down faster than they can be re-planted.

The key behind the eco-friendly Exotic Impressions line is Andersons exclusive Permacolor, which transforms sustainable North American hardwoods such as Maple, Hickory, and Birch, into exotic look-a-likes with a pearlescent effect. Whats even better? The exotic looks are achieved without stains or solvents, allowing the woods natural beauty to shine through.

In the Exotic Impressions line, Jatoba Sunrise Maple Classic is a real knock-out with its rich, red appearance that resembles the exotic hardwood found in the Caribbean, South America, and Central America. Its also available handscraped.

If you like the way teak lights up under the sunlight of an open window, go for Teak Effect Hickory Classic. With Tigerwood Birch Classic, Birch takes on the golden look of Brazilian Tigerwood. Looking for something dark and elegant? Santos Red Birch Handscraped has the dark brown appearance of mahogany, with hand scraped details to add character.

In fact, all the woods in Andersons Exotic Impressions line have character, and with Permacolor, they shine right on through, enlivening your home without environmental impact.

To learn more about Anderson Hardwoods Exotic Impressions line, speak to an authorized Anderson Hardwoods retailer and installation specialist.

Amtico Flooring in Middlesex

Walking into any commercial premises, one of the initial aspects that will draw you in is its appearance. One aspect of the appearance is of course the floor and it is increasingly important that it looks appealing whilst also being kept to a high, efficient and safe standard. At this leading floor retailer, they supply high quality flooring Middlesex from top quality brands to improve the whole look of your room.

One of the most popular and trusted commercial floor manufacturers is Amtico. Their floors are renowned for being hardwearing and durable whilst still providing a top quality finish. Therefore at this experienced retailer, you can rest assured that they are supplying you with the best floors on the market with floors by Amtico Middlesex.

It is an important feature of any floor that it is durable and can withstand a high amount of use. In any home or commercial outlet the floor is one of the only things that is likely to be used consistently throughout the day. Whether you require a new carpet, laminate flooring or a wood floor Middlesex at this retailer they will have a top quality product to suit you.

Their Amtico flooring varies in design so you can hand pick a colour and precise design to compliment your site before one of their in-house expert fitters will come and lay your brand new floor. No matter what size or shape your premises is, they can provide a first class service to you. Their team will fit your new floor in a time frame arranged by you depending on the size and style of the product so whether you have a wooden floor or carpet, a high end finish will always be achieved.

If you want to replace your old, out dated floor then a top quality Amtico floor fitted by one of their team of fitters can reignite any room. At this market leading retailer they can satisfy all your needs for flooring Middlesex so for further help and advice from members of their team feel free to contact them via their online form or visit their showroom.

Written by Jenny Pilley, Content Writer for Creare; experts in internet marketing.

Marble Flooring Can Be Low Cost

Bathroom Flooring Should Be Practical and Comfortable
The bathroom is a practical room, and a bathroom can be a luxurious room depending on the residents who use it. The bathroom flooring is usually carefully chosen around the necessary fixtures which include bathtub, shower and commodes.
Wooden floors complement modern and traditional dcor alike. Your budget is extremely important as that will narrow your search but that does not mean you should settle for cheap, poor quality flooring as that will cost you more in the end in repairs and replacing.

When purchasing the laminate flooring you wish to install, it is a good idea to buy a few extra planks or squares; just in case you make an error in your measuring and cutting. In the same sense, dcor makes the house.
Check with the product to see if it has any material already attached; if this is the case, then you will not need to make any additional purchases. You may need to purchase foam to lay down under your laminate planks.
There is also laminate flooring that is durable and relatively easy to care for in a bathroom. This type of flooring is beautiful and blends in with many types of dcor.
In order to choose the best type of hardwood floors for your space, you may need to spend some time researching the products available so that you can match your needs – and more importantly your budget. Bathroom Flooring Choices Range from the Sublime to the Practical
Carpeting in the bathroom can supply warmth to those stepping out of the shower or bath, but carpeting in the bathroom has some disadvantages as well.

Hardwood flooring is known to provide the cozy feeling we seek on a cold winter day when the windows are frosted and the doors are rattling from the wind and snow. If the family plans to stay in the home for many years, they might want to choose bathroom flooring that will last for years.
Working with a budget is not hard but it will require a bit of research and you will not compromise on quality or jump over your fixed budget because irrelevant of the material of flooring you have in mind there is a wide choice available both online and in retail stores. The type of wood will be directly proportional to the budget you allotted for this project and while you will want to get a bargain, trying to save too much may end up getting you poor quality wood that will require high maintenance, repairs and even replacements with time.

Laminate Vinyl Flooring Can Be A Practical And Cost Effective Option

In our neighbourhood there are a number of people who have decided to replace their floors in various rooms. When it comes to replacing a floor vinyl is often a popular choice since floor vinyl tiles are practical and inexpensive compare to other coverings. If you are considering a new floor tiles vinyl, ceramic or stone are better choices than full coverings.

When looking around for options related to flooring vinyl needs to be given due consideration and there is luxury vinyl flooring as well as cheap laminate vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors are resilient and provide a bounce-back upon pressure. This provides a very comfortable surface underfoot. Vinyl floors do not become as cold as stone and vitrified tile floors since vinyl stores heat. This attribute also reduces heating and cooling costs. Since vinyl absorbs noise, the floor enhances the acoustic comfort of the room.

Since the flooring is provided as a handy-sized unit, it is easy to transport and install. The tiles are applied to a level sub-base with vinyl adhesive. Most tiles have an adhesive layer with which it is fixed to the floor. They can also be installed on ceramic, concrete and wood floors. Pets need to come into the equation when choosing flooring. Dander is much more easily spotted and cleaned off a hardwood floor than it is on shag carpeting. If you’ve got indoor pets, you absolutely must take them into consideration when choosing a flooring material.

When you are selecting the perfect floors for your home you also need to bear in mind the durability factor. Ask yourself how long do you plan on keeping the flooring? Have you already started making plans to move to a new house within the next ten years? If you know this house is a just a temporary stepping stone till a better option comes along, don’t go for the super durable and long-lasting flooring material. Go for the attractive but cheap option which will look good for a while and then you can say goodbye to it without feeling any regret that you spent so much money on a good floor.

Vinyl tiles offer a lot of flexibility in design. They are available in a variety of colours and can also simulate wood, stone, terrazzo and concrete. The tiles can be arranged to create patterns and mosaics, thus creating an interesting floor plane. Vinyl floor tiles are good as anti-slip flooring since they incorporate a slip-retardant technology which also maintains the static. The extensive application of vinyl in health-care facilities is testimony to the improved sanitary capability of vinyl.

You will find that laminate vinyl flooring is a very popular choice and I know of three homeowners who have decided to go with this option and are in the process of finalising their choices of colours and designs. One other advantage to floor vinyl tiles is that when a single tile is damaged in any way, it can be easily replaced without affecting the rest of the floor.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring for a Contemporary Feel

Hardwood flooring is the real attraction of any luxurious space as it has its own aura. Hardwood floors Ottawa looks classy and cozy since the climate here is always nearly freezing. Since a long time, natural oak flooring has been adorning commercial and residential spaces with its natural look. But soon people found that the natural wood made of oak is encountering various problems. It is often seen that weather takes a toll on natural wooden floors at times resulting in swells or contraction at various places on the floor. Thus, these shortcomings of the natural wood gave way to modified version- Engineered hardwood flooring. This type of flooring has been modified by experts so that they remain as good as new even after years of installation. These hardwood floors have become a new trend ever since their introduction by hardwood floors Ottawa companies.

The modified flooring looks exactly like natural oak flooring and they are tagged with more benefits. There is no doubt engineered floors are long lasting and super stylish. New techniques and modifications in the world of flooring have given the traditional natural flooring a run for their money. There are uncountable designs and patterns to choose from. Go to any hardwood floors Ottawa Company and you will be provided a catalogue filled with plenty of designs and color. Not even this, the experts also provides assistance in choosing the colors for you. They understand that the needs and requirement of the home owners very well. You simply need to put your budget forward and they will provide you the best engineered hardwood flooring design.

Home is a place where you can relax and be yourself. Thus, a comfortable surrounding is very essential. Engineered hardwood flooring serves the purpose and let you enjoy your time at home. Wooden flooring in dark colors imparts warmth to the surrounding. Be it near the fire space or the bedroom, people dwelling in cold places like Ottawa demand dark wooden flooring. It is very simple to throw a carpet or a rug on the floor anytime to complement the flooring. Floorings in light colors also look equally good and they look cooler. You can use the furnishing in accordance with the color of your flooring. Alternatively, you can also pick up a hardwood flooring design and color according to the color tone of your house. In case of any confusion the flooring company pays a visit to your house and then suggests an apt design and color for your floors.

Hardwood floors Ottawa provide you a plethora of options to choose from. Trust a reputable flooring company to select the best and good quality flooring for you. They will take the responsibility of installing the planks using the latest technology and tools that will make them last longer. The natural oak finish on the floors looks classy and elegant. Pick up the best design or take the assistance of the experts and flaunt your new hardwood wooden flooring because you are worth it!