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The Many Beneifts Of White Oak Flooring

Not solely is White Oak more durable than Red Oak flooring, it is usually more dense (sure, density and hardness are totally different), that means it is much less probably than Pink Oak to dent or be gouged. Also, White Oak flooring is more dimensionally stable than Pink Oak, that means it will broaden and contract (transfer) less during seasonal changes and changes in RH (relative humidity). White Oak is also a more sensible choice than Purple Oak for purposes the place you’ll be staining the floors any shade of brown, since Pink Oak tends to cast a reddish hue altering the colour of brown stain colors.

White Oak is grown in North America. White Oak has a high variability in coloring and ranges from gentle tan to medium brown. White Oak can be used in residential or business flooring and can be utilized in several different decors, as a consequence of its varying colors and character. In fact, due to its impartial brown and tan tones, White Oak is arguably probably the most impartial hardwood that can presumably be chosen, and works with probably the most broadly varied group of inside designs. White Oak Flooring is obtainable in different Grades, each with its personal varying degrees of natural blemishes, from Choose Grade which is close to excellent with little or no blemishes, alongside down the line to #1 Widespread, #2 Common and eventually #three Widespread, getting more rustic as the grades go down.

Due to these totally different grades, white oak flooring can be utilized in virtually ANY dwelling decor. More up to date, victorian, and craftsman model houses, as well as different types, are inclined to look finest with Choose White Oak Flooring. Houses which might be more informal are likely to gravitate to the Frequent, or Character grades of White Oak flooring. Character Grade usually refers to a ground that may be a blend of multiple grades together, sometimes a blend of #1 and #2 Widespread, and generally even a blend of Select, #1 and #2 Widespread all together, which is usually known as Mill Run by industry professionals.

If you are convinced that White Oak is the flooring alternative for you, then you can start evaluating costs right now, just click on both Unfinished White Oak or Prefinished White Oak flooring. Or to study extra simply proceed reading
As beforehand talked about, Choose Grade, or Choose & Higher grade white oak flooring is nearly free from pure blemishes, so you shouldnt look forward to finding any appreciable amount of knots or mineral streaking on this grade. But the Common grades are the ones which might be somewhat bit extra tough to figure out, until now that’s Use this little information to know the difference between the different grades of White Oak Flooring:

Select & Better White Oak Clear and virtually fully free from pure blemishes similar to knots and mineral streaks

#1 Common White Oak Slight shade variation as a result of a small quantity of sap wood is allowed, some small tight knots and occasional small mineral streaks

#2 Common White Oak Shade variation is prolific, mineral streaks are larger and more frequent than you would discover in the increased grades. Bigger knots are allowed, although only a few of them will likely be open, and knots shall be reasonably frequent in some cases, relying on the geographic location the place the timber was grown

#three Frequent White Oak That is the lowest grade, and therefore basically allows mainly everything that the upper grades do not allow. Anticipate extreme variations in colour, prolific mineral streaking, insect workings, worm holes and enormous knots, a few of which might be open knots requiring filling (filler that is formulated for wooden flooring is obtainable at flooring supply shops in most areas). #three Common is also the only grade that allows milling defects to be included, reminiscent of damaged and missing tongues/grooves, splits, cracks and different defects. Sometimes about 70% of #three Widespread grade white oak flooring might be used.

As you start searching for White Oak flooring, you’ll quickly notice that different manufacturers offer their flooring in different lengths. For instance, you may even see Choose White Oak flooring from one firm may come in Random Lengths from 1 to 7 toes, whereas another firm could offer their Select White Oak flooring in Random Lengths from 1 half to 11 Feet. Normally, longer is better, nevertheless it usually prices extra too. Additionally, many producers provide Lengthy Length upgrades as effectively, reminiscent of Random Lengths from 2 to 10 ft, or three to 12 ft, or 6 to 12 toes, and even longer lengths can be found to go well with completely different folkss tastes.

You will also find that White Oak flooring is on the market in a somewhat giant variety of widths. Its attainable to seek out white oak flooring as slender as only one inch broad, and as large as 20 inches, and even wider. The vast majority of white oak flooring that is made and bought in North America is between 2 1/43 broad and 83 huge, whereas 1 1/23 huge oak flooring is bought fairly incessantly as well.

Laminate Flooring suppliers for Parquet and High Gloss Laminate Flooring

Whether you are looking for a local or a national supplier of laminate flooring, Sunspeed Flooring is your first choice in quality, reliability and durability of the product. Till today Sunspeed Flooring as one of the largest laminate flooring suppliers , we have sold floors to more Than 36 countries around the world. Because Sunspeed Flooring can offer a extensive range products to our customers, including an endless selection of colors and a variety of thicknesses in 7mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,Square edge and V groove,4 click systems and different compositions and finishes to give you your desired look and feel.

Compared with other laminate flooring suppliers, Sunspeed Flooring has his special advantages which is reflected in the aspect of the quality control. Till now Sunspeed Flooring has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE certificates. As the most modern laminate flooring suppliers, Sunspeed Flooring also has his own laboratory and QC Team to make sure each plank of Sunspeed Flooring perfect in each aspects of quality. Especially, our QC team will control the production process with skilled and experienced engineers to guarantee every plank with excellent quality.Thanks to the consistent high stable quality of products, the critical element to expand our business, Sunspeed Flooring got a rapid development during its first decade.

Now laminate flooring suppliers all are struggling to offer anything truly different. As professional OEM laminate flooring supplier we also strive to offer the most new, modern and various designs to our customers.

And we are happy to find that the parquet laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular around the world in recently, especially with the customers of Eastern Europe. Because parquet laminate flooring options available in laminate tiles for a beautiful 18th century style, which is sure to be an original choice. Close to the nature, touch the softness of your heart, meanwhile parquet laminate flooring is much cheaper than parquet floor. So now parquet laminate flooring is best sale for Russia and Uzbekistan some countries. If you still haven’t acquired laminate floor tiles for your supplies we strongly recommend you do as they are fast growing in popularity.

In order to offer more parquet laminate flooring options, we are continuing in new designs, so welcome to send us email for getting more new designs of parquet laminate flooring.

Compared with parquet laminate flooring, high gloss laminate flooring is another classic and popular product of Sunspeed Flooring.High gloss laminate flooring is one type of gloss laminate flooring,it is more shinier than gloss laminate flooring is also very similar to piano surface.Many customers choose high gloss laminate floor as their surface type not only because of its high shine but also for its smooth surface, which makes daily housework easy. And the high shine of glossy laminate flooring could make the home looks bright and clean.

The Advantages Of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring are fast getting recognition within the European and U . s . States regions. Nowadays, the floor type continues to be preferred and recommended by more designers, who cite bamboo flooring’s unique characteristics and looks.

Clearly, since the title indicates these flooring options are built of bamboo, a grass plant the greatest and lots of sturdy available. It’s believed that bamboo flooring products have originated from from China.

Searching initially at its appearance, bamboo flooring are thought unique for the oriental culture. Thus, you will see native houses using bamboo products as flooring not just to China, but furthermore in other east Asian nations like Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Contemporary interior creating is actually applying the employment and aesthetic price of bamboo floors. You’ll find ample main reasons why individuals from around the world must start using bamboo for flooring.

Choice to hardwood flooring

Bamboo flooring are unquestionably a modern day, durable and eco-friendly choice to broadly used construction material, hardwood.

Because bamboo is really a type of grass, it is known as a sustainable resource. Compared to timber, bamboo can be as flexible and effective just like a building material. It is also as hard which last as extended, otherwise longer.

It requires roughly 15-two decades before timber hits maturity and becomes right for use as flooring. However, bamboo plants simply have about three to five years before its wood may be used a perfect raw material for construction, particularly in flooring.

Timber assets are actually robustly depleting inside the yesteryear couple of years. Because wood floors remains growing its recognition just like a top flooring choice for institutions for any very long time now, curiosity about timber flooring might be hardly sustained presently.

Thus, prices for timber flooring is shooting up. However, bamboo just like a flooring is quickly getting resilience, like the bamboo plant itself, which might bend lower when winds and rains hit it therefore it wouldn’t break.

Bamboo floors in Asia

Because of bamboo’s abundance and customary use across Asia, bamboo might be the essential material choice of home companies and property designers in the region. The functionality and luxury triggered by bamboo floors are rapidly convincing Western options to think about while using fabric too.

Western designers are really tallying with Asian counterparts’ opinion that bamboo floors are not only seen practical, but they’re also timeless in beauty and functionality. Experts realize that bamboo flooring are broadly known and examined due to its natural capacity to face up to moisture and numerous health-dangerous bugs.

Researchers believe that bamboo floors are actually devised by ancient east Asian cultures because the region is very shown by its tropical climate. One characteristic notable at bamboo floors might be the materials’ capacity to ignore the current warm.

For example, throughout summer season, bamboo floors make home owners’ lives convenient by enabling awesome breeze to seep inside structure.

Bamboo flooring processes

Bamboo flooring are produced using three different techniques. Each technique makes fitting the bamboo flooring to the house structure much easier. Additionally to that particular, the processes aren’t as pricey, helping make amends for bamboo flooring’s competitive cost advantage.

One technique is nails bamboo flooring ‘secretly’ in to a sub-floor, which frequently made up of wood. Second, the bamboo flooring could be produced by simply adhering the bamboo material in to a sub-floor. And lastly, the bamboo flooring could be produced to appears to be if it is is floating by nailing or adhering it to underlay structures.


Clearly, while using ever-growing abundance of bamboo inside the Asian region, bamboo flooring are substantially less costly than almost every other flooring created from various materials.

The strategy of establishing the flooring may also be a smaller amount complicated compared to industry options. Thus, it could be easily no surprise that prices of bamboo floors are a smaller amount.

Within these trying occasions, comfort and reasonability can spell a good deal when you are building your house. Consider using bamboo flooring and discover the way in which your home would stand out.

A Saga Of White Carrara Marble

The colors of flooring are one of the key to the beauty and spacious feel of a room or a premise. There is a better circulation of light with a better selection of floor colors. And if these have the feel of marble there is added comfort and elegance that is extended to the same.

Carrara Marble

This is a trusted name in the field of home accessories for better living. At Carrara there is a primary focus on quality and right prices to ensure a wider reach of clients and users of the products. There is every initiative to build your dream home with the finesse and grace of a wide range of Carrara marble tiles.

There are several colors and textures that are available for you to select your favorite colors and complement the floors with the colors of the walls and other elements of interior dcor. You will also be able to choose from a wide range of size specifications that is suitable for your rooms and the size of the premise in all.

You will also have the option of selection individual textures and categories of the tiles depending on which the pricing has also been fixed. There is a wide range of options based on the polish and the texture designs of the tiles that are available.

White Carrara Marble

Among all the colors for floor tiles that are available there is nothing that can match the pristine whiteness and opulence of these tiles. They ensure that it will always be a complement to any color that you may decide to put on the walls of your house in the years to come. There is also a wide range of textures and patterns that are available in the collection of the white marble tiles from Carrara.

These are easy to maintain and extremely cost effective when you carefully consider the durability and the long years that this will be with you and your family. There is also an easy availability of the white Carrara marble tiles at retail outlets for home accessories and lifestyle products.

There is a wide range of Carrara marble tiles that is on display you can browse and refer from the company website as well. You will be able to see through the entire range of collections coupled with the prices that will allow you to make an appropriate decision when you go to buy the same.

The choice of tiles for flooring perfection is an important decision. And it is important that you select a neutral or lighter shade for floor tiles. And in this the wide selections from white Carrara marble tiles will be the best choice that you can make.

How To Look After & Maintain You Oak Or Hardwood Flooring Once Down

Lacquered floors


Place doormats inside and outside the front door to stop dirt and grit being walked in, which can cause
considerable wear.
Put protective pads on furniture (not metal feet, which mark wood floors) to avoid unnecessary marks and scratches on the floor.
If you have a pre-lacquered floor in rooms where you know water is frequently spilled, we recommend that you lacquer the floor again after laying. This helps to seal the joints between the boards and gives better protection against water.


For daily cleaning, use dry methods such as vacuuming. When necessary, damp-clean the floor with a well wrung-out mop/floor cloth, the floor must only become slightly damp. The film of water formed in this way must dry within one minute.

For the best cleaning results ensure that your floor cleaner is pH-neutral (maximum pH 8). Do not allow spilt water to be left on the floor, particularly on Beech and Hard Maple floors, which are particularly susceptible to moisture. The frequency of damp-cleaning depends on how much the floor is used and how soiled it gets.

Eventually over time (possibly as long as 30+ years) your floor will show signs of wear and will start to look lifeless. It is at this stage that a lacquered floor will need to be sanded and re-finished, please consult an expert regarding this.

Wax Oiled Floors:


Place doormats inside and outside the front door to stop dirt and grit being walked in, which can cause considerable wear.

Put protective pads on furniture (not metal feet, which mark wood floors) to avoid unnecessary marks and scratches on the floor.

If you have a pre-oiled floor in rooms where you know water is frequently spilled we recommend that the floor be treated with an extra coat of Osmo Polyx Oil after laying. This helps to seal the joints between the boards and gives better protection against water.


For daily cleaning, use dry methods such as vacuuming. To remove stains the floor can also be mopped with a well wrung-out mop/floor cloth, the floor must only become slightly damp. If done regularly adding Osmo Wash and Care to the water will help to clean and maintain your floor.

Stubborn stains can be removed using Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner, just apply to the floor using a cloth.
If the floor starts to look a bit lifeless after a while revitalise it using Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner. This can also be applied to specific areas (i.e. near doorways and in the main thoroughfares) without the need to do the whole floor. Apply the Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner neat but very thinly to the clean floor
with a lint-free cloth and then polish.

For particularly defined wear marks the floor should be given a new treatment of Osmo Polyx Oil, again this can be applied to only specific areas if

The Features of Andiroba Flooring

Andiroba is most commonly known as Royal Mahogany in the US. Some other names you may have heard it called are carapa, masabalo, and tangere. Andiroba originates from Central and Latin America. Andiroba is a tall rainforest tree that grows up to 40 meters high. It is in the same family as Mahogany, and has been called Brazilian mahogany due to similarity. It can be found growing wild thru out the Amazon, and parts of Brazil in the island region on rich soils, swamps, flats and marshes. Andiroba is fine to medium texture, with uniform to interlocking grain, ranging from straight to wavy or curly. Irregularities in the grain often produce highly attractive “fiddle back” or “mottle” figures. Andiroba polishes to a high luster, with excellent working and finishing characteristics. It responds well to hand and machine tools, has good nailing and screwing properties, and turns and carves superbly.

Some other features of Andiroba are that is has no odor, dries easily, and is well known for its excellent dimensional stability .Andiroda sapwood is a pinkish salmon color when freshly cut, but quickly transforms to a pale grayish-brown once it has been exposed to sunlight. The heartwood is reddish brown when freshly cut and the color smoothes out a little with age. Its rich texture and favorable grain makes it a favorite species for woodworkers of all types, and an excellent substitute for higher priced mahogany flooring.

Andiroba is easily workable and responds very well to all ranges of machining. It is also highly workable with hand tools. Andiroba flooring sands with ease, and accepts finishes very well. When the time comes to refinish your Andiroba floor, you wont have any issues. Adhesives also respond well to both the long grain and end grain. Screws hold well with Andiroba flooring. Pre boring Andiroba is necessary to prevent splitting under the nailing. For best results of drying Andiroba use a slow drying process, and low temperatures, along with high humidity schedule for the best results. Andiroba has a wide range of uses in the wood industry such as furniture, cabinetwork, flooring, interior construction, and stair parts.

As a flooring option Andiroba is a wonderful choice because it is a hard and durable wood. It can handle heavy traffic, pets, and even that clumsy neighbor who drops that heavy object from your end table. When you compare Andiroba flooring to red oak, youll see that Andiroba will last longer and look better in an interior setting.

In this day and time consumers want a beautiful product for a great value. They also dont want to install a floor like laminate that might look like hardwood, but falls short in terms of long-term maintenance issues and benefits. Andiroba flooring has the look of more expensive mahogany woods, at a lower cost. Also the heartwood of Andiroba is resistant to most American wood related insects. This has created a commercial and resident demand for Andiroba flooring.

If youre looking to add beauty to your home without sacrificing on durability, then choosing Brazilian Hardwood Flooring is a solid choice.

Comparing Miele Vacuum Models

For most people, comparisons of household products like vacuum models rarely go beyond surface level comparisons like price or color. But when committing to purchase a Miele vacuum, known to be one of the best vacuum cleaners and the market, comparing Miele vacuum models is important in order to ensure you are not wasting your money on the wrong style. Your Miele vacuum will likely be with you for over 20 years or more, and choosing the right vacuum is important.

Comparing Miele Vacuum models comes down to these basic criteria:

Do you need it to combat allergies?
Do you plan on using a canister or upright vacuum cleaner?
Does your home tend to get very dirty?
What type of carpeting/flooring do you have?
What are your noise preferences?

Allergy Fighters

Many Miele vacuums are made with a HEPA filter one of the strongest filters on the market for reducing allergens in the air. Since most vacuums actually increase air allergens (by sucking them out of the carpet and dispersing them in the air), many people choose Miele vacuums because of their allergy fighting abilities. But not all of the models are equipped with HEPA technology. Of the models that are, the Miele Capricorn, the Miele Aquarius, the Miele Pisces, the Miele Luna and the Miele s168 Upright are the most effective.

In addition, the Miele Antares, the Miele Carina, the Miele S163 Upright, the Miele S514 Uprught and the Miele Orion all come with a standard air filter that is not quite as powerful as HEPA but still somewhat effective. There are HEPA filters made for these vacuums, however, they simply need to be purchased separately.


Although uprights are more user friendly, canister Miele vaccums tend to be better at controlling allergens. The motor is larger and more powerful, allowing for stronger suction, while the HEPA filter tends to be better sealed allowing for less allergen leakage. Still, for those that need to vacuum a large house quickly, the uprights are often easier to use.

The Miele S168 Universal Upright is the best upright vacuum for reducing allergens, if you must have an upright, though there are many premium canister types that may be better suited for your specific allergy requirements.

Large/Dirty Home

If you have a large home, or you have animals or children that tend to make a significant mess, you will need a vacuum with a large bag capacity. The Miele Capricorn, Miele Aquarius, Miele Callisto and Miele Pisces are have large capacities (4.8 quarts) but the only uprights that have large bags are the Miele S184 Powerhouse and the Miele S183 Powerhouse, each with almost 5 quarts of space.

These models, due to their large capacity, tend to be slightly more expensive, but for those with a lot of cleaning they may drastically cut down on time, effort and cost in the long run.


Carpet and hardwood flooring have different needs, and they also have different vacuums. Homes with all (or mostly) carpet require one of the vacuums that works well with significant carpeting. The Miele Powerbrush models, which include the Capricorn, Aquarius, CS514, Callisto and Capella are all made for that purpose. Other models, such as the Pisces and Antares, are made with a turbo brush that work well on both smooth floors and carpet, especially low-medium carpet.

The Carina, Luna, Orion and S163 Upright are best for smooth floors and low carpets.


Miele models are known for their quiet delivery despite being some of the most powerful vacuums on the market, but certain models to a better job of adding sound insulation, including the Capricorn, the Aquarius, the Callisto and the Pisces. Currently there are no upright models that carry the same insulation, though the uprights tend to be quieter than many of the non-Miele models.

All models come with the same amount of power (between 1000-1200 watts), so choosing a lower or higher watt model is unlikely to cause an increase or decrease in noise.

Weighing Options

Miele vacuums are some of the pricier vacuums on the market, and they are also the most durable. As such, it is important to consider what you need in a vacuum before purchasing one of the Miele vacuums, as you are committing to your vacuum for 20 years old longer with regular use. Comparing Miele vacuum models can take some time and consideration, but it is far worse to purchase the wrong model than it is to wait a day or so to consider the available options.

Choosing And Installing A Shower Tray

No matter whether you put your shower tray level using the floor or ‘sunken’ for the floor, select to get it raised, or sunken into a platform, all 3 configurations have implications for that layout, look and sensible factors of the bathroom of which you should be produced informed. This article is designed to describe the elevated, sunken and normal set up possibilities of a shower tray, and which option may well greatest fit your rest room.

There are a number of differing approaches to suit a shower tray, which varies on the kind of tray you might be putting in. The following lists forms of shower tray configurations and products available to fit:

Flush with Floor or Sinking the Tray to the Ground:
These shower trays are made to be installed/sunken right in to the rest room or moist place flooring. This type of tray needs the pipe work and drainage to be put in underneath the tray, frequently right into the flooring of the developing.

The flat leading shower tray can either be installed within a new build (at planning stage, the shower tray could be more quickly accommodated) or to an present rest room, wherever the building construction permits. Simple to set up, these shower trays also deliver a trendy, modern glimpse in your rest room. Quite a few producers provide shower trays to match this method incorporate MX Group, London Drinking water Closet Company (LWCC) and Manhattan Showers.

A whole new, minimalist-styled strategy to install a flat shower tray is to placement it within a specially built platform/plinth. A platform can be styled to to blend seamlessly in to the rest room and offers a smooth, modern moist room glimpse.

A lot of men and women choose to put in a sunken shower tray inside a platform because either they have incompatible flooring ( floor might be concrete, be portion of a protected/listed building, foundation might be unstable or inaccessible, and so on) or they desire to have the ability to simply access and maintain plumbing, check the tray for leaks and another problems that may occur. Manhattan Showers manufactures the Duralite Shower Tray Platform, that’s appropriate with its Duralite acrylic shower trays. Alternatively, if you’re soon after a model other than Manhattan’s, a platform to match any kind of flat shower tray could also be constructed, bespoke, by your plumber or carpenter.

Ways To Avoid Your Wood Floor Cupping

Diagnosing the Cause Of, and Avoiding Cupping in Solid Wood Flooring

Cupping or dishing in solid hardwood means the boards raise slightly at their edges making the hardwood flooring uneven across its width. The cause of cupping is an imbalance of moisture through the timber. This can be a result of a spillage on the floor, or because of the hardwood flooring gaining moisture from the sub-floor material.

Taking moisture reading of the underside of the timber and comparing this with a reading taken from the upper side will confirm this.

Wood normally expands when it takes on moisture. It therefore follows that moisture on the underside of the wood will make the underside expand laterally. However, the upper side of the wood which has not absorbed any moisture, so this stays at near its original size. The immense strength of the expansion of the underside of the wood causes the edges of the wood curl.

On nearly every incidence of cupping that I have inspected, the flooring was fitted onto a solid floor with adhesive- meaning that the sub-floor was too high moisture content. A quick and simple way of identifying the problem is by taking a moisture reading of the sub-floor. Usually this is just a matter of drilling a small hole into the sub-floor between the gaps in the board, and inserting the probe from a moisture meter. The reading of the sub-floor should be around 9- 11% moisture content. If it is higher, then this may be the source of the moisture.

As part of an inspection process, I also look for evidence of leaks from appliances e.g. dishwashers, and leaks from heating pipes, and poor or zero ventilation in the room.
I also take a reading of the humidity at the time of the inspection, although this is merely a snapshot of one moment in time and does not necessarily give an indication of the humidity at an earlier time that may have caused the cupping.

However, another cause could be that the sub-floor was within the above parameters, but the wood could have been dried too aggressively before being installed. This would mean that the sub-floor was at the correct moisture content, but the wood was too dry to be installed. In a case like this, the humidity needs to be regulated quickly which can in most cases stabilize the problem.

How to Rectify the Cupping

Firstly check the integrity of the fixing of the floor. In extreme cases of buckling, the flooring can (in the case of adhesive installations), de-bond from the sub-floor. If this is the case, the floor is possibly beyond repair if in excess of 40% of the floor area is affected in this way.

Stabilize the humidity in the room as quickly as possible. If the relative humidity of the room is below 40% then this is too dry. A correct humidity level is between 45% and 60% R.H. This can be achieved by the use of a humidifier.
It may then ne necessary to have the floor sanded and re-finished, which should then eliminate any further problems and restore the appearance of the flooring.

It is imperative though, that the stabilization is undertaken gradually over a period, and that thorough moisture readings are taken on both sides of the timber before sanding. If the floor is sanded before the wood has stabilized, the edges of the board will be lower than the middle of the boards.

How To Avoid the Cupping

If you are about to lay a floor using a stick down method, take thorough moisture checks of the sub-floor and the humidity of the room that is to be fitted.
The sub-floor should be ideally below 12% moisture content and the humidity of the room should be between 40% and 60%.

If there is any doubt regarding the integrity of sub-floor, it may be necessary to install an epoxy resin damp proof membrane to the sub-floor.

If you are installing using the secret nailing technique, then an impervious layer should be laid over the sub-floor or battens -e.g. foil, polythene membrane or builders paper.

Make sure that an adequate acclimatization period is allowed for. This is normally achieved by storing the flooring in the room for at least two weeks prior to installation. The room should be heated and ventilated in the same conditions that the floor will be used i.e. temperature and relative humidity.

Final Considerations

1. Tangential cut hardwoods always have greater movement than radial cut or quarter sawn hardwoods.
2. Narrow width solid hardwoods are always more stable and less prone to movement than wider width flooring.
3. Engineered flooring will always cope better with fluctuations in moisture, and climate.
4. Wood floors will always move depending on the season- e.g. in winter months slight opening of joints and cracks are to be expected.

Wood Flooring Installation Does Not Require Too Much Effort Or Time

It has often been said that good things take time and that if something is too simple, it is probably faulty. This is not always the case as I found out when I decided to look in to wood flooring suppliers to find a wood flooring company which would also provide wood flooring installation.

I had always imagined that a wood floor installation would be a long and complicated job but I was assured by the many wood flooring companies which I contacted that this was not the case. The first thing to remember that wooden flooring does not mean a solid wood floor, but rather a layer of wooden planks over your existing floor. The effect is just the same as a real wooden floor but you will find that there are differences in the wood floor finishes.

The durability and performance of engineered timber varies, and the strength of the top layer is no different to solid wood. Generally speaking, engineered wood is better protected and pre-finished with special treatments, plus its edges bevelled for an attractive appearance. Engineered panels are longer and wider than solid wood ones. Often engineered timber has a tighter fit, too. Whats more, installation costs are usually less than solid wood installation. The word solid relates only to the wholly timber planks that are cut from a tree, shaped, and laid as a floor. These can then be treated or finished with chemicals to resist moisture and staining, or to achieve a particular decor hue, but they are otherwise unaltered from their natural state.

However, solid timber offers several advantages in spite of its limitations. Solid wood is generally thicker than engineered flooring, which allows for future re-sanding to smooth the surface if it becomes marred with use. Thin engineered flooring, on the other hand, does not give much depth for future sanding. Solid wood is also less expensive than engineered wood.

Engineered wood allows you to get that real wood look without the drawbacks. Better still, the engineered pieces fit together for quick and inexpensive installation, while also costing less than wood installation. Also the thicker panels last longer and could be sanded and refinished in future. If in doubt, consult the experts who will be only too pleased to help and advise you.

One of the things which concerned me about a hard floor, as opposed to carpets, was the way that it would be too cold in the winter. One solution to this is to consider installing radiant heating under your new hard floors. Radiant heating consists of tubing through which hot water runs or heating coils. When installed under the floor, the heat radiates out from the tubing or coils and leaves a comfortably toasty floor.

There are many quality wood flooring suppliers in the country who will be able to provide you with an estimate regarding cost and time frames and you need to shop around a while before you decide which wood flooring company to go with.