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Modernise Your Home On A Budget With Cheap Wood Flooring

Are you looking to add a modern twist to your interior design without breaking the bank? Cheap wood flooring is the perfect solution.

Why Choose Cheap Wood Flooring?

One of the greatest advantages that cheap wood flooring offers is ease of installation and maintenance. It comes in convenient planks of approximately 4 foot strips, and can also be sold in tile form of various sizes, so you dont have to worry about carrying huge lengths of wood around the house when installing it. The installation itself is a straightforward, hassle-free DIY project, and while hardwood flooring requires several days to acclimatise to the temperature and pressure of an environment, cheap wood flooring can be installed and ready to walk on in 36 hours.

Flexibility is important when it comes to modern interior design, which is why the flexibility of cheap wood flooring makes it an excellent choice for modernising your home. This flooring can authentically simulate the look of many different kinds of natural hardwood materials. The appearance of natural stone and ceramic materials can also be reproduced. Cheap wood flooring isnt just flexible in terms of its looks; it can be installed over almost any floor in your home! Provided that a moisture barrier is in place and water prevention measures have been implemented, this flooring can also be installed at any grade you like.

Another advantage of cheap wood flooring is that it is not adhered directly to the subfloor. This means that the material is free to expand and contract due to temperature and pressure changes without buckling against the subfloor.

Cleaning cheap wood flooring is a completely hassle-free process that only requires a quick wipe from a damp cloth for spillages, or a little sweeping and vacuuming to remove grit and dirt. This type of flooring is also beneficial for your health, as it resists the growth of bacteria and mould. Allergen resistant and anti-bacterial coatings can also be used with this flooring to further enhance its safety.

Cheap wood flooring is also capable of holding its own against wear and tear from the elements. A wear layer protects it from smudges and stains created by dirt and mud, so its an ideal choice for entry hallways. Its also great for use in rooms that get a lot of exposure to the sun, as it resists fading from UV light exposure.

Visit Source Wood Floors To Find An Excellent Range Of Cheap Wood Flooring

Looking for high quality cheap wood flooring? At Source Wood Floors you will find an extensive selection of wooden flooring that will give your home a stylish modern touch. Source Wood Floors only sells products that meet their high quality standards, and offers them to customers at the lowest direct wholesale price. Their products will be dispatched directly to your door, and usually arrive within the next business day.

Max Windsor Maximus Hardwood Floors Maximum Shine, Maximum Luxury

Vibrant, high-gloss, and luxurious those are the traits that characterize Max Windsors Maximus collection of hardwood floors. The color palette in this collection is DaVinci like, awe-inspiring, and straight from a painters brush. Nowhere else will you see such brilliant shades of mahogany, copper, and delectable dutch chocolate.

Max Windsors Maximus collection appeals to the senses in a way that no other hardwood flooring manufacturer can match. The bleeding colors create dramatic color splashes and variations from plank to plank, with both smooth and hand scraped texturing to further enhance the woods natural character.

If you are a fan of bold color variations and crave that water-color effect in a hardwood floor, youll love Handscraped American Walnut. Santos Mahogany is another knock-out, stopping traffic right in your very own kitchen with flecks of maple, infused with satiny caramel and butterscotch.

You wont have such dramatic color variations and texture in the smooth hardwoods, but for those who want something a bit more modern and metropolitan, then smooth is the way to go. Maple looks almost pearlescent with a light fawn color that dazzles when it meets the sun. It looks best when pared with whites and other light colors, although a popular trend is to use black accents to create a nice contrast for a room.

The butterscotch-toned American Cherry is another more modern wood in this collection, with golden hues to warm up just about any room. Golden floors are considered to be the most versatile and play up both dark and light colors. Next to reds, their undertones really pop.

Another golden floor in this collection is Summer Birch. Like the name suggests, this wood is as sunny as a summers day. This wood doesnt have many markings or color variations, which distinguishes it from American Cherry.

If you want something very earth-toned, you really appreciate American Walnut. It is perfect for rooms with browns and greens, with a wood that has grayish brown undertones and soft color variations. Pair it with a beige or cream colored piece of furniture and wow!

In fact, all the woods in this collection have the wow factor. Choosing which one is right for your home wont be an easy task in this case. Contact an authorized Maximus Hardwood Flooring retailer and installation specialist to learn more about this collection, and to receive advice about which floor is right for you!

Wood Flooring Can Increase The Value To Your Home Says Hertfordshire Criterion Flooring

You do not have to wait until you move to a new house to add value to your home according to Criterion Flooring, a Hertfordshire Wood Flooring specialist. By adding value to a home that you wish to sell through home improvement such as putting down wood flooring, you could reap the rewards and sell your home much faster.

The days when you could do up your home with a lick of paint and then put it on the market for a quick sale are long gone. Since the property market crash, selling a property is much harder than it has ever been before, and that is why house sellers need to be on top of their game and provide the buyer with a house they will fall in love with straight away.

With the economic climate struggling, house hunters want a property where they do not need to do much work to make it into their prized home, and this is where the seller comes in. By providing Wood Flooring, house hunters will see a nice home, the floor is one of the first things they notice and by installing quality wood flooring, you are that one step closer to selling your home.

A survey by the National Wood Flooring Association asked estate agents what impact wood flooring has on a property they are trying to sell, 82 per cent said a home with wood flooring sold faster and for more money.
By investing in wood flooring, you are providing your seller with a home that not only looks nicer but also is also easier to clean. Wood flooring makes it much easier for the new buyers to clean their property; it also saves them money in the long run. With carpets, they have a shorter shelf life than wood flooring and when it comes to maintaining a carpet within a home, especially when it comes to spills on a carpet or deep dirt, wood flooring is much more cost effective to clean.

If you have a home in Hertfordshire and you are looking for advice from a Hertfordshire wood flooring company, then contact Criterion Flooring who can offer free advice on how wood flooring is more cost effective than carpets and how a wood floor can help add value to your home and help you to sell it faster.

Please visit

Where To Get The Best Discount Carpet, Laminate Flooring Installers, And Hardwood Floors In Bur

Burnaby, BC Looking for flooring materials can be a big hassle. Although there are so many different kinds to choose from – carpeting, hardwood, or laminate, Burnaby boasts one of the best flooring and installation companies in the area: Mike’s Carpet and Flooring. Mike’s brings it all together for customers seeking top brand names in laminate Burnaby, tile, hardwood, bamboo, cork or carpeting.
Getting a new floor is a very stressful time as daily routines are interrupted from floors that are ripped up making the area uninhabitable for a while. At Mike’s, a carpeting and tile store in Burnaby, experienced staff members can help by walking customers through each step of the flooring process, beginning with the selection of the floor material itself. Each home has it own identity and every home owner has their own unique requirements for making their perfect floor.

For high traffic areas vinyl, certain carpeting and linoleum are often used due to their lower cost and high durability. For a more elegant look, customers often choose stone, fine hardwood or a patterned tile. Burnaby, because of its reputation for being a diverse community, prides itself with homes that have a variety of styles and looks. Within a single community you may find a house with stylish dark hardwood floors and next to it a cozy bungalow sporting exotic bamboo flooring in the kitchen.

To each their own which is why Mike’s Carpet and Flooring has the choices you need for the floor that meets your tastes, home style and budget. For those seeking a nice warm feeling on their feet, we recommend carpet. Burnaby is a great place to install this type of wall to wall covering since the weather during the winter can be on the nippy side. Mike’s Carpet and Flooring is one of the best discount carpet stores in Burnaby and with its vast selection of residential and office carpets will satisfy all kinds of tastes, preferences, and budgets. Another flooring idea is cork which has the great advantages of being more environmentally friendly, has a low cost and is a great sound buffer. This makes it ideal for recreation rooms, children’s bedrooms and even the garage. The cork can be left natural or coated to add water resistance and greater durability.

Whatever your flooring choice may be, Mike’s Carpet and Flooring is the place to go for all your flooring needs. Regardless of what you need – tile, carpet, vinyl, or hardwood – Burnaby is just a short distance to drive to, from wherever you are in the Vancouver area. With everything you need from flooring materials, expert installation and a knowledgeable, experienced staff just waiting to assist you, there really is no better place to go. Installing laminate flooring in Nort Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, or wherever in the lower mainland it’s something that can easily be taken care of with Mike’s Carpet & Flooring. You can see all the different flooring brands on their website at

Choosing the Right Flooring in Nashville for Your Specialty Room

Home Theaters/Dens

When designing a specialty room such as a home theater or den, choose the flooring that matches the decor while providing a durable surface that will last. Home theaters are not areas of heavy traffic, so feel free to go with plush carpets that will be comfortable and functional. Keep in mind that the acoustics of the room matters a lot when planning a home theater, so choose a floor that will either amplify or absorb sound, depending on your preference. If you’re looking to make your home theater soundproof, choose a thick, plush or velvet carpeting. Feel free to choose a whimsical color that is keeping with your “movie theater” theme, such as blue or red. If you want a good underlay in this room, you’ll need wall to wall carpet. Nashville homes’ dens do almost always have carpet flooring.

Children’s Rooms/Playrooms

The flooring in children’s rooms should be attractive yet durable. Adding plush carpeting to your child’s bedroom or playroom is always a great fit. Children spend a lot of time on the floor, and providing them with a soft and comfortable surface is essential to their comfort and safety. A good carpet in Nashville will absorb falls and create a comfortable surface for play. You can also outfit your child’s room or playroom with hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring will shine and reflect light, giving your child’s room a brightness that will complement the room’s decor well. For a pink or pastel-colored room, hardwood flooring offers a classy touch. Hardwood flooring also goes well in nurseries and other infant themed rooms.

Fitness Rooms/Gyms

If your home has a fitness room or gym, consider a ceramic tile for your flooring choice. Ceramic tile is durable and firm and can withstand a lot of weight and pressure. There are many colors of ceramic tile that will match your gym’s look and decor, and this is an ideal flooring surface to rooms with high levels of humidity. If your home features a sauna, ceramic tile is the perfect flooring choice for this room. Choose a stone or earthy look by using tiles in browns, deep greens or gray. You may want to add carpeting to some portions of your home gym to absorb shock and sound. If you are lifting deadweights, you may frequently drop the weights on the floor. It may be wise to carpet the portion of the gym where the weights will be used to avoid damaging the floor and creating excess noise when using your home gym. Also, you should consider placing mats under your cardio equipment to prevent slips and falls from moisture on the floor.


For an outdoor/indoor room such as a patio or sunroom, laminate flooring is one way to go. Laminate flooring looks very similar to hardwood flooring but is not as delicate or expensive as hardwood flooring. Nashville homeowners typically recognize over time that laminate flooring is resistant to scratching and is very durable. If you add laminate flooring to your sunroom or outdoor patio, you can enjoy the classy look of expensive flooring without worrying about water damage, fading from the sun or excess wear on the surface. Laminate flooring is also easy to clean and is virtually stain-proof. Laminate flooring in your patio or sunroom will add an elegant touch without breaking the bank.

Available Pergo Flooring……

Pergo laminate flooring is the original form of high quality laminate flooring, and is also one of the names that most consumers immediately associate with the concept of laminate flooring options. Pergo is one of the best selling laminate flooring ranges in the entire world, and for good reason as Pergo offers an outstanding warranty and an even more incredible product.

Pergo is an excellent option for flooring because it has an easy to maintain finish, it comes in a variety of different styles and colors, and is made with such quality that a 25 or more year warranty backs every product that Pergo releases.
There are a variety of different ranges, each offering a slightly different product to the consumer. Any consumer that is looking for laminate flooring for their home or workplace will find exactly what they want in one of these ranges.
Below are the ranges available with a little description about each:

– Pergo Classic Plus This range utilises tongue and groove click together panels that do not require glue for seamless assembly. The Pergo Classic Plus range offers a lifetime warranty for wear, staining and fading. What sets this particular range apart from many others is that the underlayment is attached as part of each panel, rather than having to be purchased separately. These products are truly timeless classics in flooring that will never go out of style.

– Pergo Exotic Collection This collection is a range of flooring products with a polished finish to them, setting them apart from other otherwise similar products. Create a sense of the tropics in the comfort of your own home with these exotic laminate flooring options.

– Pergo Modern Tile Collection This tiled range is a little different, in that it focuses on creating the look of ceramic tile or stone without that awful cold feeling on your feet. The Pergo modern tile range of products is ideal due to it being practical, durable, and simple to clean it also offers a great deal of both versatility and flexibility to create enormous possibilities. Don’t just rely on these laminate tiles for kitchens, but allow them to spread into entry ways, living rooms and hallways as well.

– Pergo Natural Touch Collection If you are looking to create a wooden floor texture without worrying about maintaining a true natural wood floor, the Natural Touch range is ideal. This range is designed to fit in perfectly with other natural materials and elements in your home.

– Pergo Original Collection This Collection is the original range of flooring that is an excellent example of how elegant Scandinavian design truly can be.

– Pergo Vintage Collection This particular range offers a rustic feel with flooring plans that have a slightly textured surface. The textured surface of the Pergo Vintage offers a cozy and warm atmosphere to any environment.

Whichever range you decide to choose you are guaranteed to be getting a beautiful durable floor that stands the test of time, as well as the test of living.

Benefits Of Laminate Flooring

Changing the floors at home was an expensive and frustrating task some years ago. But, nowadays, the best option of laminate flooring is available to the people, which will not cost more to the homeowners and it will also enhance the aesthetic appeal as well. Nowadays, people are well-aware of the fact that the carpets act as the catalyst for the growth of bacteria and fungus thereby causing huge health issues to the inmates of the home. The dust that is getting collected in uncleaned carpets can cause smaller infections to even asthma in children. So, rather than using carpets in their homes, people can effectively make use of the alternative called as laminate flooring.

With the comfortable click system provided by laminate flooring suppliers, people can easily install them in their homes without the requirement of calling any specialized person. If you are concerned about laminate flooring cost, they will cost you less as compared to the wood alternatives. If the homeowners do not want to install on their own they can get appropriate help for installing.

One of the greatest benefits about the laminate alternative is that it is called as floating floors just because of the fact that glueless installation is possible with these alternatives, which cannot be done in any other types. Not only gluing down, but also no stabling and nailing down is required and the cost you will be spending on these things can be saved to a great extent. As against spending on these things, people can opt for a padding solution if they so desire. This is why it is said that laminate flooring cost is much lesser as compared to other types.
It will provide the same appearance to the house like hardwood flooring and it is also available in different colors for the homeowners to select from. They can make an appropriate selection after considering the color of other interiors in their home.

If you are looking for a laminate flooring supplier in your area, it is better to inquire about the AC rate. This rate range from 1-5 and the AC-5 is generally suitable for areas, where there will be heavier traffic. AC-1 is of course, the lowest of them and the homeowners can select any according to their requirement and professional firms dealing with these alternatives. There are some companies providing free quotes as well and homeowners can get quotations from many such companies with a single request.

Its Party Time On Your Rubber Garage Flooring

Congratulations on your decision to install new flooring in your home! Any addition to your home, especially flooring, can make a dramatic difference in how you feel, in the value of your home, and just in your overall enjoyment. The installation of flooring, and especially the type is a personal choice. Laminate flooring is becoming a popular choice for many people today and here are a few points when you’re considering laminate vs hardwood.

Hardwood floors are environmentally friendly, and in a recent survey done by real estate agents, they estimate that hardwood flooring can add $7,000-$10,000 to your home’s resale value. Laminate flooring is simply a plywood base, topped with a layer of veneer of three-ply, 3/8″ flooring, being the most common. Solid hardwood flooring is thicker than laminate and is usually of an inch in thickness.

When deciding whether laminate vs hardwood is best for you, remember that most manufacturers have a warranty of five years on laminate that can only be refinished three times at the most. It would depend on how much traffic you expect in the area where you’re considering the new flooring. If you have a heavily-trafficked area in your home, and it is new, along with a young family, maybe laminate would be a good choice for you. The veneer topping on most wood laminate floors is usually 1/8 of an inch thick. There are three basic types of solid wood flooring. Strip flooring will account for the majority of installations and is usually 2 1/4″ wide ranging in widths from 1 1/2 ” to 3 1/4″ and is installed by nailing it to the sub floor. With plank flooring, they are 3 inches wide and may be screwed to the sub floor as well as nail in. The screw holes are then covered with wooden plugs. The last most common variety is parquet flooring. It comes in standard patterns of 6″ x 6″ blocks. You can find specialty patterns on the market that range up to 36″ square units. You can create dramatic geometric effects and special, design patterns with this type of flooring.

On a slight change of topic, let’s look at rubber garage flooring. If you’d like to turn your garage into a showroom, there are many, great manufacturers out there that offer state-of-the-art modular surfaces made from special polypropylene copolymer. This puts a great layer of protection between your vehicle and your garage floor. If you’re a home mechanic or do a lot of work in your garage, then you should definitely consider rubber garage flooring. I’m sure if you’ve done any work in your garage, you know the damage that chemicals such grease, brake fluid, oil, gasoline products, antifreeze and many other liquids can do to your garage floor. Also, if you ever lie on your back on a hard, concrete floor doing work on your transmission you know how sore your back feels after only a short while. Rubber garage flooring is not your living room couch, but it sure helps!

Your garage and back will love what this remarkable floor covering can do for them. You can even turn your garage into an exciting recreation room as there are many colors and customized patterns that will truly enhance your collection of antique cars or hot rods, or if you have a large garage or specialty shop. Like laminate flooring, you’ll find that most manufacturers can offer you five-plus years of warranty. All you do is simply snap it in place and there are no adhesives or specialty tools required. The tiles can be cut with a regular utility knife and you can easily do the installation yourself. What are you waiting for? Investigate some of the exciting options in hardwood and garage flooring today. You’ll be glad you did!

Techniques to Troubleshoot Water Leaks in Your Premise

Water leaks

Damaged caused by water leaks could be worse than what we think. If immediate actions are not taken, water leaks can damage the foundations of your premise and cause heavy loss. Water leakage is a common plumbing problem. However, households find it difficult to inspect and detect leaks. It all comes down to locating the leakage point. Sometimes leaks are hidden and cannot be detected without proper equipment and skills. If you are facing low water pressure in your house, then you should go ahead and try to figure out the issue. Here is what you can do to find a potential water leak:

Check your water bill

The first thing you can do is to see if there is an unusual rise in your water bills. Check your water meter if there is an unexpected fluctuation in the water consumption in your premise. Make sure that all the taps and showers are closed and that water is not being consumed in your house. Next step is to check water meter to find out whether or not it is moving. If the water meter is still, nothing is to be worried about. If it is moving, there is something wrong.

Determine the leak point

A water leak can occur either inside or outside your house. In order to find this, shut off the main water valve which is usually located in the basement or garage. Once the main water valve is shut off, again check the water meter to see if it is still moving. Chances are that the leak is outside your building if the matter is moving. If the meter is still, the leak could be inside your house.

Look for signs

Water stains and mold on the ceiling, walls, and floors make a water leak more evident. The cabinets under sinks should also be inspected for discolored areas. The water hoses connected with washing machines is also a common area where leaks occur. Water leaks also create an odor which is a sign of a broken pipe in the wall or ceiling.

There is a number of fixtures: water tank, flush valve, sinks, network of pipes, taps, etc. that form a plumbing system. An ideal approach is to regularly inspect all the reachable fixtures to see if everything is alright. Old and corroding fixtures ask for trouble.

Once you are sure that there is a water leak in your premise, consult a dependable plumbing company immediately to fix the issue. It is recommended to carry out a thorough plumbing inspection after 6 months or once in a year to ensure that there is no sign of trouble.

The relevant departments of the Municipal Quality

After years of development, today’s flooring industry has become a mature industry, the entire industry and technology popularization, the cost of production is not high, low barriers to entry, serious homogenization of business caused by the confusion of the flooring industry. At present, the flooring manufacturermore than 2,000 kinds of flooring brands at least 4000. Among them, the sales floor in Chongqing market the brand to over 200. Chongqing wood flooring sales of more than 10 million square meters last year, sales reached 10 billion yuan. the face ofsuch a large market, manufacturers play the green card is the logical thing. “Ding hua said. Outdoor deck

For a variety of corporate standards, Chongqing City Dekor Decoration Materials Co., director of marketing, explained that Guo UNMIL Dekor executive F4 Star standards from Japan, the Japan Wood Products Association certification system, the average formaldehyde emission should be less than or equal to 0.3 mg / l, less than the national mandatory standard, and F4 Star detection more scientific and accurate. “Dekor upgrade environmental standards of the floor, the strategy developed by the company is faced with a market of homogeneous competition. The implementation of environmental standards in the F4 star, quickly opened the distance between competitors.” Guo said UNMIL.

Small Chinese believe that the standard content to simply launch from the manufacturers point of view, the emergence of these standards should be affirmed, it is said that the flooring business continues to pursue a higher standard. “At present, consumers are most concerned about is the wooden floor of the environmental issues, so well-known enterprises consciously increase the safety standards reflected in the line, is the sense of responsibility. Increase market demand for environmentally friendly, will inevitably lead to some small businesses, environmental standards low companies to withdraw from the market for the flooring industry as a whole, the market will be more pure. “Ding hua said.

The person in charge of a well-known brands floor Chongqing Wang told reporters that the formaldehyde emission in wood flooring is to determine the important factors for reference of the flooring is environmentally friendly. Good the finished product to control the formaldehyde emission, bonding glue used to control production, but also to control the process of a good plate of repression, the process is quite complex. Therefore, to produce healthy wood flooring must be valuable to several hundred million dollars of production line equipment and fine chemical process, a simple and rough production technology and small-scale production line equipment is difficult to produce a small amount of formaldehyde emission quality floor. outdoor floor

Ding Hua, secretary general of the Association of the flooring industry, from the survey data, the current per square meter laminate flooring cost about $ 70, plus the costs of logistics, labor, stores, etc., the cost per square meter should be not less than 80 million. In addition to the promotional period, some kind of laminate flooring for a long time lower than this price, product quality is worrying.

The relevant departments of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau official told reporters, laminate flooring as required, to the appropriate parts of the product tag manufacturer name, product name, model, trademark, production date and product category, grade, specification, which must be marked to writeformaldehyde emission whether the E0 level, or E1 level. If the product is marked with E0 or E1 standard, but also express terms of environmental protection (such as the European standard), consumers may use this as evidence to the relevant departments to be tested does not match the standard data products and manufacturers express, is suspected of manufacturers fraud.

In the market, the reporter saw, such as Power Dekor and other well-known brand on the product packaging clearly marked national standard for formaldehyde emission, some of which also express to reach the enterprise standard. And some smaller brands on environmental standards intentionally vague concept, not the SD compliance with national E0 or E1 standard, simply use the term “qualified products” instead.Wooden flooring manufacturers