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How to Keep Your Cork Wood Flooring Looking Fantastic

Cork flooring is an investment that will improve the quality of your life It is both environmentally friendly and attractive. If you have ever gazed at real high quality cork wood flooring, then you know what I’m talking about. But like most beautiful things in life, you need to take care of it. Cork flooring is definitely an investment, so you should be knowledgeable about how to take care of it beforehand. The advice in this article will keep your cork floors looking fantastic for many years.

You should sweep or vacuum your floor often to remove particles of dirt or dust, which can scratch your floor. I suggest doing this weekly at a minimum. If you place a mat at any entranceway leading into a room with cork flooring, it will help reduce the amount of dirt that gets on the floor, and thus the amount of cleaning you have to do. It’s not too much to ask to have visitors wipe their feet before stepping on your floor.or.

Only use hardwood cleaners. Avoid just using water. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately. When mopping, make sure your mop is well-wrung, rather than being saturated. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners or anything too abrasive. Lightly damp mop the floor monthly to maintain its luster.

Avoid furniture that can scratch your floor. Using floor protectors with your furniture is a great idea because it prevents the furniture legs from touching (and thus scratching) your floor. Use mats and wide wheels on furniture that is movable. If you have to move furniture, the worst thing you can do is drag it across your cork flooring. If it has to be moved, it should be picked up and gently set down where it needs to be.

In areas that will get a lot of traffic, you might want to put a rug or mat down. This helps prevent premature wear and from the surface appearance becoming uneven. Avoid using mats or other items that have rubber backings because they can trap moisture and damage your floor. Your floor should stay dry, with no excess moisture.

Do not let there be too much weight or pressure on a single area of your cork floor. Even weight distribution will prevent indentations and help keep the surface looking shiny and even.

For rooms that have cork flooring, aim for 50% humidity. If the humidity gets too low, your floor may start shrinking as a result of the release of moisture. You do not want that to happen to your investment. Using a humidifier may be an excellent idea because it will keep your room humidity where it needs to be. Don’t risk ruining your cork flooring – keep your humidity in check.

Another thing to avoid is excessive sunlight. Too much sunlight can cause your floor to fade. Use lots of shading in rooms with cork flooring.

Plants and anything that contains water has the potential to damage your floor. If you have seapage, make sure there is something beneath the object that will catch the water before it ruins your floor.

Is having cork flooring worth all this trouble? Without a doubt! Your cork wood flooring will bring you joy for years to come if you maintain it with the advice in this article. For more information about cork flooring, visit, a company specializing in wood flooring that originates from managed sustainable forests.

Top 10 Rubber Flooring Tips

Rubber flooring offers many outstanding benefits. It can be used in many different areas in both residential and commercial properties. The selection of rubber flooring, mats and tiles is extensive, giving everyone a chance to find the most suitable rubber products for their upgrades, maintenance, or remodelling projects.

If you are unfamiliar with rubber products and rubber flooring, the following tips may come in extremely handy. Read them carefully, especially if you contemplating a flooring project.ct.

1.Floor selection – Rubber flooring is very versatile, and can be used in many situations. Sadly enough, there are still areas in a home or business where rubber floors are not recommended. This includes kitchens, as rubber surfaces are not resistant to hot oils, fats, and petroleum based materials.

2.Indoor floor maintenance – Even the most durable floors need to be maintained. By washing your floor surface regularly with the right cleaning products, they will remain beautiful longer. Your floors will also last longer. Never use harsh chemicals or steel scrubbing pads. They will damage your rubber flooring. Use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

3.Outdoor floor maintenance – Remove debris by sweeping the area, or by hosing it down.

4.Shopping advice – You can buy traditional or recycled rubber flooring from a local floor supplier, or from an online vendor. Either way, always verify that the company you are dealing with is reputable. If you have doubts, ask for references.

5.Comparison shop – Whether you are browsing for floors, mats, tiles, or any other rubber products, never finalize an order until you know you have been offered the best possible price. Some dealers will actually lower their prices to match those of their competitors.

6.Measurements – Always measure twice. Buying too much flooring is not a real problem, as most retailers will accept returns. Left-overs can also be used in other areas around your home or shop. On the other hand, buying too little may become a huge problem, especially if the supplier runs out of stock. Your project will be on hold, and may also end up with a colour difference between the first and second batch of flooring materials.

7.Floor installation – Installing interlocking rubber tiles is not very difficult. However, it is advisable to read the installation instruction before putting on your tool belt, and request additional information from your flooring supplier if any questions arise.

8.Design preparations – If you want to use several colours, create your design before you order your materials. When you just guess at the amounts you need, you may end with too much of one kind, and too little of another.

9.Floor thickness – Unless you are a professional, who is familiar with rubber flooring, consult with a flooring expert to determine what thickness your flooring should have. The more traffic and abuse your floors have to endure, the thicker they should be.

10.Discounts – Whenever you plan a remodelling project or upgrade, immediately start a search for sales and discounts. If you know a promotion is coming up, hold off with your order until the price reduction takes effect. Waiting a few weeks can save you a bundle of money, which you can then use to buy matching drapery or wall decorations.

Based in Melbourne, Tyre Crumb has taken tyre recycling to a new level. With a variety of rubber products and rubber flooring, the choice is endless.

Bamboo Rather Than Conventional Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are really the very best there’s nothing quite like the style of natural stuff below your foot while travelling your home. They are typically also most likely probably the most pricey flooring around, costing more than options like linoleum, tile or other materials. To get the feel of hardwood flooring without any expense which are connected from it, some home proprietors Are choosing bamboo flooring instead of the oak, brighten or other heavy, hard forest which are typically used. Bamboo is lighter, cheaper and much easier to make use of than people heavier kinds of wood.

Large, thick trees take numerous lives to build up a couple of from the finest trees are really hundreds of years old. Bamboo however takes a smaller amount room to build up, it evolves faster which is also stay in sections despite the fact that it’s growing, without doing harm to the flower. Because of its massive availability, it’s substantially less costly than hardwood when designing flooring, walls, really anything. The price isn’t the main feature for bamboo flooring though. When correctly crafted, it is also harder than oak or other hard forest.

The process which involves shredding bamboo materials then smashing them flat comprises a genuine wood floor hard as two occasions as oak sometimes. This kind of bamboo is called strand bamboo that is a business standard. You will have to do some research before undertaking to buy if you are trying to find another kind of bamboo. Furthermore, the color of bamboo could be acquired in a wide array, due to the carbonization process which cooks the sugar inside the wood to cause an easy alternation in shade.

Because of its high versatility, strength and simple production, bamboo flooring makes a fantastic alternative to hardwood flooring otherwise an outright superior choice. It’s less costly, its nearly anywhere and there is undoubtedly about how precisely good it seems, just have a look at photos of bamboo floors online. Also, it is best to remember the lower impact bamboo production is putting on the climate much more comparison for the total deforestation required to create hardwood floors. Bamboo is ideal for the eco conscious clients additionally to people trying to find something affordable yet effective flooring. When searching around, bamboo flooring are extremely something worth searching at.

How To Choose The Right Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

Choosing new flooring for your home can be tiring. It is confusing to browse through all the many floor materials that you can choose from when you go to the market. But perhaps the most popular and most requested type of flooring is hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is definitely making its comeback today. From classics such as pine, maple, birch, and oak hardwood flooring to newer types of wood such as bamboo, mohawk, mahogany, cherry, and Brazilian cherry, people have been clamoring to have hardwood floor installations in their home. Indeed, the idea that hardwood floor installation can definitely spice up your home flooring makes hardwood floor sales shoot up.

You might be wondering why solid hardwood flooring is so popular. Well aside from the usual argument about the durability of wood, hardwood floorings are also easy to clean. Hardwood floor repairs such as cleaning hardwood floors and refinishing hardwood flooring can be done easily. Stain removal, as well as elimination of grooves and cuts in the surface of hardwood floorings can be done easily by doing a hardwood flooring refinishing. Other advantages of hardwood floor installations include timeless beauty that works with every house design, a healthy indoor air quality, and an over-all value that appreciates through time.

Hardwood flooring prices depend on the floors’ size, color, finishing, type of wood, and manufacturing process. Though laminated hardwood floorings are cheaper, you are not sure as to how long it will last compared to unfinished hardwood flooring, pre-finished hardwood flooring, and engineered hardwood flooring. Just remember that you need to decide based on cost, style, practicality, and durability.

Here are added tips on how you can choose the right hardwood flooring for your home.

1.Collect tons of ideas and different samples of hardwood flooring that you want. 2.Work on a pre-determined budget. As stated earlier, hardwood flooring prices vary according to different factors so stick to your budget. 3.Bear in mind that certain types of hardwood floorings do not go with certain rooms in your house. For instance, solid hardwood flooring will just get ruined if you install it in your bathroom. 4.Choose a flooring type that will last a long time without sacrificing your personality and lifestyle preferences. 5.Decide whether you can install hardwood floors by yourself or hire professionals to do hardwood floor installation. 6.If you hire professional help, be sure to be there while the hardwood floor installation takes place. You certainly do not want squeaking floors in your home. 7.Lastly, buy hardwood floors from a reputable store. Choose one that offers good costumer service and long warranties. Do not succumb to the temptations of cheap hardwood floors for after all, it will be you who will suffer the most from defective hardwood floors. So be sure to think hard before making that purchase. If you are going to buy hardwood floors for the first time, you can check out Willow Wood Hardwood Flooring Located at Tampa, Fl.

Willow Wood Hardwood Flooring 6445 Willow Wood Ln Tampa, FL 33634 (813) 406 6548

How To Protect Laminate Flooring And Protect Yourself With Anti Slip Dust Sheets

In an age where laminate flooring is so popular in many houses across the UK, one of the biggest problems for builders, plumbers, decorators and delivery companies is how slippery this surface can become when wet.

Wet, slippery laminate flooring could potentially cause severe accidents. Recent statistics from the Health & Safety Executive for 2007/8 show that slipping and tripping account for 27% of accidents occurring in the Painting & Decorating industry.

Often businesses may consider covering the area with dust sheets but these are often cumbersome, sliding upon the polished surface or posing trip hazards.

With these problems in mind Manchester-based company, Ernest Griffith & Sons Ltd, has recently launched an innovative new anti-slip sheet designed to prevent accidents caused by slipping on highly polished floor surfaces, and protect laminate flooring, carpet, tiles and more with an innovative, reusable dust sheet.

This anti-slip dust sheet called Sliprotex, is a unique product is aimed at contractors carrying out any interior work – such as painting, decorating, plumbing, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom installation – on any surfaces that need protecting, including wood, laminate, tiled or carpeted flooring. In fact, a major utilities company has recently placed a significant order so that their service engineers can protect customers’ work-tops and tiled floors when carrying out boiler services and repairs.

Established since 1941, Ernest Griffith & Sons Ltd have been supplying fabric dust covers for over 60 years to large DIY chains and builders merchants. Sliprotex is a combination of materials comprising a synthetic fabric top cover which will fully absorb all liquid spills with a water-resistant membrane with an anti-slip backing which prevents the dust sheet from moving.

Managing Director, Paul Brearley said, “We designed Sliprotex to provide protection for wooden laminated flooring, tiled floors, highly polished surfaces and carpeted areas where there is the added danger of an accident occurring because of the movement of an ordinary dust sheet. We set out to provide a product that is highly absorbent, waterproof with a backing that wouldn’t move on any floor surface which is what we’ve achieved with Sliprotex.”

“Usually contractors spend a considerable amount of time taping down a traditional dust sheet and we wanted to bring a product to market that didn’t need taping down or re-laying and re-positioning. We also wanted to create a product that was manageable in terms of size and weight, which is the reason for Sliprotex being available in two standard size widths 0.9m and 1.8m at any length required. We are delighted that Sliprotex has achieved our expectations.’

Anti slip stairs solutions are other answers that removal, delivery, building and DIY companies often look for. Wooden stairs especially have little grip, so a stair anti slip dust sheet would be beneficial for protecting the area from damage, and protecting people from accidents. Sliprotex can cover everything from wooden to carpeted staircases with the greatest of ease no taping down edges to protect people and surfaces from accident or damage.

Deciding Between Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

One of the main factors for choosing laminate flooring over hardwood is the cost. Laminate is considerably cheaper than hardwood. Laminate is an engineered alternative to real wood; it is constructed by laminating a facsimile of wood onto a background and then covered with a hard and clear coating. The price will depend on the thickness and visual representation of real wood.

Another factor in laminate’s favor is ease of installation. Requiring no nails, the tongue and groove design of the laminate boards makes installation easy for a novice. The boards typically come in either 4 inch or 8 inch widths; the 8 inch boards are typically easier to install than the 4 inch version. No matter which board width you choose, you must first lay down a foam pad to reduce squeaks and to even out the floor surface.

Despite laminate’s apparent ease of installation, the boards all come in one length so the installer will need to cut boards in order to achieve the staggered look of a real hardwood floor.

A final consideration about laminate flooring is its lifespan. It will have a shorter lifespan than solid wood and your warranty will reflect this. It can also wear in high traffic areas and once through the laminate layer you will see the particle board below. The weather is also a factor when considering laminate flooring, Calgary winters and summers can cause warping of the laminate boards.

Hardwood Flooring

Solid wood flooring has a look of timeless elegance that will add to the value of any home. The planks come in a variety of widths, usually between 3 inches and 6 inches wide. They come already stained and finished, and are cut in various lengths to help you easily achieve the staggered look. With a variety of shades and finishes for your wood floor, Calgary homes can increase in value with the installation of solid wood flooring.

Installation of hardwood flooring is not recommended for the inexperienced. Laying this kind of floor involves using specialized techniques to achieve a seamless installation, as well as specialized tools. Depending on the area you wish to cover, installation can be time consuming and expensive. Added to the already higher cost of the flooring and your new hardwood floor quickly becomes quite an investment.

Hardwood floors require special cleaning and are easier to damage than laminate. However, repairing a scratched or gouged section of hardwood flooring is as simple as sanding it down and refinishing it. This cannot be done with a laminate floor product. Solid wood flooring is durable and will last a lifetime under normal wear. Manufacturers offer great warranties to cover what is considered to be a permanent floor.

Terminology The particular cussing area flooring.

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Laminate Wood Flooring Perfect And Reliable Solution

When it comes to interior designing, people want the best for their house. Right from the curtains, blinds, furniture and to flooring, everything has to be no less than perfect. When it comes to choosing the flooring in particular, people become quite selective and prefer something that is appealing and at the same time cost effective. Evidently, Laminate Wood Flooring becomes a good choice. It is durable, attractive and cost effective. Also, it is easy to maintain, versatile and reasonably priced.

Laminate Wood Flooring is a vinyl layering over a pressed board and has an appearance of wood. This wood finishing makes Laminate Wood Flooring resistant to abrasion.

Benefits Of Laminate Wood Flooring

.Easy to install – Laminate Wood Flooring can be easily installed in a day or two. Many glue less options are also available. The cost of hiring a professional for installing the flooring can be saved as Laminate Wood Flooring can be installed by anyone by following some simple steps. The Installation of Laminate Wood Flooring is a hassle free and time saving installation.

.Durable – Laminate Wood Flooring is stain and scratch resistant. It lasts for a long time and is also suitable for high traffic areas such as living room. It can also withstand up to 1200 pounds of weight which makes it a strong and versatile option in wood flooring.

.Easy maintenance – Laminate Wood Flooring is easy to maintain and clean and even does not fade in direct sunlight. One only needs a regular vacuuming to clean the Laminate Wood Flooring. Laminate Wood Flooring benefits those people who have allergies as it does not absorb dust.

.Cost effective – Laminate Wood Flooring saves money as it lasts for a long time and it is also less expensive than other options such as carpets and hardwood floorings.

.Adaptable – Laminate Wood Floors are suitable for any type of subfloor, even those that have an increased moisture level. They are also suitable for concrete subfloor, wood subfloor or ceramic subfloor.

If you are planning to install Laminate Wood Flooring, then consider taking the services of London Flooring Supplies Ltd. The company is one of the leading Laminate Wood Flooring Suppliers In London. The Laminate Wood Flooring provided by the company is of high demand in the market. The company offers a lot of variety in Laminate Wood Flooring at the most affordable prices. Their Wood Floors are ideal for both commercial and residential flooring. For more details, you can visit .

Bamboo Flooring – A Greener Option

Over the last few years, bamboo floors have become the latest craze. Environmentally conscious home owners are choosing them over traditional hardwood floors because of their sustainability and environmentally sound origins. However, some critics are raising the alarm that bamboo flooring are not as “green” as they could be.

There are different forms of bamboo floors available to consumers. In North America, the manufactured bamboo flooring that is commonly found is highly processed. The bamboo is first split and flattened, and then dried. Later it is laminated in layers with glue under high pressure. Manufactured bamboo floors are usually available in planks with either vertical- or horizontal-grain orientation.

Bamboo flooring is available in two major colors: natural (similar to beech) and carbonized (similar to oak). Bamboo flooring gets its color from a process called carbonization in which bamboo is steamed under a controlled pressure and temperature. As the bio-organisms and sugar breaks down, the color of the material changes into a brown. Natural and carbonized bamboo floors are often referred to as solid bamboo. This can be somewhat misleading as the structures are layered, similar to a plywood.

One of the main advantages of bamboo is that it is a renewable resource. The bamboo plant is a grass that reaches maturity in about three years while many conventional hardwood floors (such as oak) can take 120 years to grow to maturity. The bamboo plant also regenerates with replanting and requires minimal fertilization or pesticides. Bamboo floors are also considered to be water repellant, making them a save choice in kitchens and bathrooms.

However, some will argue that bamboo is not being managed in a sustainable fashion. While it is true that the plant regenerates, forests are being cleared to grow bamboo. Producers in Asia, mainly China, have been aggressive in their planting often at the expense of existing woodlands and their ecosystems. When the bamboo is transformed into plans, the factories often use glues with high levels of formaldehyde. Should you choose to install bamboo floors in your home, beware that, like any hardwood floors, it can be damaged by dents, scratches, etc.

The bottom line is that you will have to do your homework before you buy bamboo flooring materials. While it is a beautiful wood with a high regeneration capacity, beware of the potential health risk of the glues used to make the product. Ask questions and dont be shy to request test results. Reputable flooring companies offer glues that emit less than 0.01 parts per million of the substance. You may have to pay a little more for this option, but your health is worth it. Also, be sure to walk on an installed bamboo floor before making your final decision. The feel of a bamboo floor can vary depending on how the material has been treated and the finish applied. You want to be sure that you new floor will grace your home for decades and not have to be ripped up after a few years.

How To Pick a quality Hardwood Flooring Company

The best ways to Select a quality Hardwood Flooring Business/p>

When getting them set up, however, you need to understand that not all companies will be qualified on providing great service. In this short article, discover how to select a quality hardwood flooring business.

How you can Select a quality Wood Flooring Vancouver BC Company

– Licensing and Certification

If they’re a random business who is not registered, you will discover that they are not exactly recognized, let alone enabled to provide wood flooring. The trick when it comes down to hardwood flooring is to know which company is legit and will be there to come back if something goes incorrect.

– Consumer Service

When you offer the business a call, do they reply with reassurance that you will get exactly what you should? There are some business who are really amateur. Excellent customer service is a crucial element when choosing a wood flooring business to ensure they come on time and and provide exactly what they guarantee.

– Hardwood flooring item

Specific business always have different kinds of flooring material to provide their clients. It is worth it to consider getting the low down on the company prior to you hire them to see what kinds of product they are primarily offering. Are they mainly providing an old kind of wood flooring? You really need to get to the bottom of the floors they give. If it is uncomfortable to walk on, it may not be a worthwhile investment. You can constantly ask the business for some details on the floors they offer, and afterwards you can pick by gradually looking into online which kind is most effectively to possess. They might not be worth calling in if the company isn’t really so up to date on the most recent floor innovation.

– Maintenance, remodelling, and installment

If they can offer you the wood floor, install it, remodel it, and keep it altogether, then they may be worth employing. The fact is that maintaining an unclean floor is not precisely the simplest job. It can take quite some time before the floor will ever really need some form of cleaning or maintenance, but you will find that you have a peace of mind understanding that you have a business assisting even in the future. If they offer restoration, then they will be the best business to hire because they can get that whole floor remodelled at a minute’s notice.

– Years of flooring experience

If they have been in existence for 50 years, they are absolutely more experienced than an additional business who has actually only been in business for only 10 years. Use the tips above to assist you discover a company who can be called on for upkeep, installation, cleaning, excellent material, and excellent consumer service.

The wood flooring company you hire need to be licensed and certified. If they have never ever does this type of work in the past and have actually never ever gotten some type of professionalism, then you will discover that they will not be as trusted as an additional company. Be sure to get a knowledgeable wood flooring Vancouver BC business to have it set up right away.

We have a strong group with extensive experience in the hardwood flooring market. If you need professional aid, you can get in touch with us to help set up the hardwood floor you desire.

In this article, learn how to choose a quality hardwood flooring business.

If they’re an arbitrary company who is not registered, you will find that they are not precisely certified, let alone enabled to offer wood flooring. The key when it comes down to hardwood flooring is to know which business is legit and will be there to come back if something goes wrong.

Good customer service is a crucial element when picking a hardwood flooring company to guarantee they come on time and and provide what they guarantee.

Be sure to get a skilled wood flooring Vancouver BC business to have it installed right away.

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