African Mahogany Flooring vs. Linoleum Flooring

The look and feel of a floor can speak volumes of any space. When choosing what look you want to convey, you have a multitude of options. In developing an image for an area, it is important to choose a look that will withstand the changing trends throughout time. Flooring like furniture and dcor can contribute different fashions to a space. African mahogany flooring presents itself beautifully with warm, rich tones adding elegance and class to all spaces.

Used on luxurious yachts, staircases and furniture, African mahogany wood flooring is a wise choice. Imagine walking into a room and being captivated by the exquisite look of deep reddish brown heartwood at your feet. The beauty of African mahogany will extend itself for years to come in any space. You won’t have to break the bank to enjoy the stunning sight of African mahogany. Along with being an affordable choice, the installation process is easy and quick.

Made from renewable materials, linoleum flooring is considered a green floor choice. It is durable in high traffic areas, and has been favored in kitchens and hallways. Linoleum is low maintenance when it comes to cleaning, however a yellowish discoloration can occur with various cleaning supplies and products. The installation process is more difficult for this inexpensive flooring choice and for a period of time after installation linoleum will emit an odor similar to a freshly painted room.

Linoleum flooring can be a versatile look as it comes in different style and colors. It can also be painted over for a new look if you become tired of the style you chose originally. Although there are assortments of choices when it comes to linoleum flooring, the end result is not as impressive as that of wood flooring and can sometimes look tacky. The color variation in African mahogany ranges from a light pinkish brown to a deep reddish shade. The shading generally has a purplish cast that adds to the alluring beauty of the wood. Durability and resistance to scratching are two more reasons African mahogany wood flooring is a great choice for your space.

A floor is not just something one walks across to get from point A to point B. It can be the centerpiece to an entire room that is eye catching and chic or warm and welcoming. When investigating floor types for your lifestyle take into consideration all factors before deciding what you will install. By taking the time to consider all components you ultimately will be satisfying your needs, wants and personal touch in your room.

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