Brazilian Koa Flooring A Striking Choice

Do you want to make a lasting impression with your home? Do you want to inspire, dazzle, and stand out from the rest? Consider Brazilian Koa flooring.

Brazilian Koa goes by many other names, the most common of which being Tigerwood, a name strongly befitting, as you shall soon discover. Brazilian Koa originates in the exotic jungles of South America, and the alluring mystique of the rainforest is immediately evident in the vivid, contrasting marks that define Brazilian Koas unique style. Like the tiger it is so often named for, Brazilian Koa flooring exhibits daring dark stripes against a stunning, richly mottled orange background. These stripes can be thin, fine lines, or they can streak across the vibrant surface like the bold brush strokes of an impassioned artist. Vivid contrast is a simple and accurate description, but you must see it to truly understand it. One look is all it takes to demonstrate Brazilian Koa floorings breathtaking exotic beauty.

Bold appearances are not all that is striking when it comes to Brazilian Koa flooring. Function is just as important as form, and Brazilian Koa possesses an array of mechanical properties to match its stunning aesthetic. It is a very dense wood, receiving an impressive hardness rating of 1850 and weighing in at 59 pounds per cubic foot. Brazilian Koa flooring is its own bastion of defense against insect attack and scratching. Once it is installedwhich is a very easy processBrazilian Koa can be finished to a high, lustrous polish that will only add to its already stunning beauty. Here one note of caution must be made: Brazilian Koa flooring will darken when exposed to light. This, however, will not detract from its looks and wont prove to be a problem at all so long as you account for it and allow for even exposure across the entire floor. Maintenance is easy, especially cleaning thanks to its smooth surface. In short, Brazilian Koa flooring will perform as well as it looks, providing a stunning floor that will last.

As a conversation starter, as a decoration, as a floor, Brazilian Koa truly is a striking choice. So if you want your home to become an unforgettable experience for your guests, go with Brazilian Koa flooring.