Durafit 650 For Crumb Rubber Carpet Protection

Crumb rubber is the name given to any rubber material derived by reducing scrap tires into uniform granules. With around 70% recoverable rubber in a typical scrap tire, it’s a fantastic environmental option to use this for your underlay solution. If you haven’t considered this previously, I’m going to explain just how it can be used in the home and in commercial settings as part of an effective flooring system.

Somewhat predictably given its genesis of usage from car tyre to underlay, crumb rubber underlay is as durable a type of underlay that there is. Duralay Durafit 650 is the leading underlay in the field, with its astonishing work of compression of 165 J/m2, and 100% recovery, Durafit is almost impervious to foot traffic.

But just how can this be used to help you? In a number of ways. For instance, at just 6.5mm 650 is thin enough to be used over large areas in contract applications. This makes it ideal for shops, offices and other general commercial settings.

If the underlay was too thick and applied over a large space then you will inevitably see damage to the carpet pile through rucking resulting in the need for an expensive replacement too the carpet well before the end of its natural lifetime.

Sometimes a domestic carpet underlay is just not heavy-duty enough to get the job done in areas of high traffic within the home. Durafit 650 is Iron Man, giving you hardwearing underlay that will stand up to whatever you can throw at it. It’ll defend the carpet integrity over the risers of the stairs to constant pressure as well as you hallways.

If you have new carpets in your home or even if you have recently purchased some new heavy furniture, it may be advisable to consider a new underlay such as the 650 to give your carpet the additional support that it requires. It’ll mitigate the lasting damage around furniture legs to the flooring, so signs of distress will not be highly visible if the furniture is moved.

Like Durafit 500 it is suitable for all stretch-fit and double stick applications. This contract underlay is a similar product to Cloud 9 Silver Lining, however the outstanding recovery properties of Durafit 650 means that it is ahead of the other contract competitors for heavy contract use over large areas.