Gym Flooring

Gym flooring must be resilient enough to remain rigid under great pressure. Gym flooring should be capable of withstanding hard impacts, while also remaining completely level and stable. This is a tall order for any flooring product, but there are many rubber flooring products manufactured with just these needs in mind. The best gym flooring will keep a level surface, but also absorb noise and remain flexible.

Commercial Mats and Rubber is a large manufacturer of gym flooring, with several models suitable for all sports purposes. Commercial Mats and Rubber’s Diamond Mega Plate tiles are engineered to work in tough conditions and cancel noise, while also remaining rigid under very large loads. Better yet, Diamond Mega Plates are solid 4×4 tiles that interlock with one another, requiring no toxic glue or chemicals in order to install. The Diamond Mega Plates should remain perfectly in place without any need for adhesives. The rubber used in the construction of the Diamond Mega Plates is engineered to withstand heavy loads, and will not tear or fray under pressure.

Commercial Mats and Rubber’s Best Flex Flooring is another great option for gym flooring. The Best Flex flooring is designed to hold up to heavy loads without ripping or tearing. The product is also available in a wide variety of colors and textures. Just like the Diamond Mega Plate, the Best Flex flooring is installed without adhesives, and simply locks together. In addition to its toughness, both flooring types provide excellent traction for safety. This makes Best Flex perfect for gyms, where flooring products must be safe and durable.

For those looking for a more affordable option, Commercial Mats and Rubber sells the Gym Dandy flooring solution. Gym Dandy provides tough high traction flooring that is easy to clean and fire retardant, but also easier on the wallet. Commercial Rubber is holding a sale at the moment on colored texture tiles, making them a more affordable avenue for some people. The overstock sale makes 3/8″ interlocking fleck color tiles available for $10.99 per tile before shipping. The tiles are very simple to lay down and require no toxic or flammable adhesives. This provides a great surface that is both healthy and environmentally friendly.