Reasons to choose hardwood flooring for your home

When choosing flooring for your home, it is quite a big decision to make as it can make a significant difference to the look and feel to your home. It can also make a big difference to your day-to-day life too, and you will need to carefully consider your needs before making your final decision.

Do you want a floor thats quick and easy to clean? Wont trap dust and dirt? If your answer is yes to both of the above (and lets face it who really has the time to clean their floor on a daily basis?) The answer could be that hardwood flooring may be the best flooring solution for your needs.

Here are the top reasons to lay wooden floors in your home:

1.Wood floors are a durable and hardwearing alternative to laminated flooring. They also absorb sound much better compared to laminate, add more value to your home, and can be installed into rooms where there is moisture without the risk of warping and buckling.
2.Wood flooring can be personalised, unlike carpet or laminate flooring so can complement your home much better compared to other run of the mill flooring options. You can design your own floor by mixing different woods together. And if you want to revamp the look of your home you can; simply sand it down and re-stain should you wish.
3.Hardwood flooring is a much healthier choice of floor than carpet. This is because dust mites, fleas and other parasites cant get trapped amongst the fibres. Hard wood floors are also easier to clean, allowing you to remove all traces of dust, which helps to alleviate common respiratory problems.
4.Real hard wood flooring may seem like an expensive option when it is installed but on average they last for longer than carpets and laminate. They also add value to your property, so when you sell your home you can recoup some of the cost.
5.Daily wear can ruin a carpet or laminate floor, however a solid wooden floor will last for years and years if you look after it properly.

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