Understanding The World Of Vct Flooring

There are several different kinds of floorings you can choose from these days. But if you want something durable, VCT flooring is the best choice for you especially if a lot of people are coming in and out of your place.

What is VCT?

VCTs or Vinyl Composite Tiles are finished floor covering materials that are mostly used in institutions and commercial areas with high traffic and come in with various thickness (with 1/8 the most commonly used). They are basically made up of colored vinyl pieces that are created into sturdy sheets.

Why use VCT for my office?

VCTs are highly preferred for high-traffic zones in any commercial building or establishments since they are essentially low cost but durable and easily maintained. The VCTs have high resistance to abrasions and damages due to impacts. Plus you can refinish them over and over again with chemical strippers and mechanical polishing tools. And if your VCT flooring is properly installed, they can easily be taken out and changed with new ones when damaged. You can even choose from a variety of designs and colors that will complement your offices overall design. Some of these designs even resemble stone, wood, concrete and terrazzo in detail.

How will I maintain my Vinyl tiles?

You need to sweep and mop the tiles using a mild cleanser as often as needed, depending on the amount of traffic the area receives. However, you need to have a professional cleaning service clean and polish your tiles or do VCT wax repairs periodically depending on the amount of scuffing your floor receives.

But if you choose to do the waxing yourself, make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Take care also that sweep and dust the floor before applying the wax. Dust particles have uneven surfaces and can bring about a sand paper effect and could scratch the wax finish when dragged around the floor. Once done, you need to prepare a rayon floor map, VCT wax, cotton rags and a bucket with a wringer.

Make sure that you follow the instructions from the manufacturer when mixing the wax solution in the bucket. Simply soak a rayon mop with the wax solution and apply it on the surface of the floor using smooth and even strokes. Apply at least three coats of wax but allow each wax coat to dry completely before applying the next coat.

After proper waxing, you need to polish and do final scrubbing. After these, you can enjoy your new floor! Stripping and waxing them should be done at least once a year. But again, if your office sees more traffic than usual, maintenance should be done more frequently to preserve the vinyl tiles.

As you can see, such process is easy but labor-intensive. To make sure that the stripping, buffing and wax applications are done right, choose a tile specialist that can give you quality service at a lower cost.


If you want your office floor to look good in a limited budget and maintain them without any difficulties, then choosing VCT floor covering is a good judgment.