Ways To Make A Room Look Larger Express Flooring Experts

Bigger is sometimes better”, says Rick Duran, Installation Manager at Express Flooring.

A larger floor tile, such as a 24″x24″, 20″x20″and 18″x18″ can actually play tricks on the human eye. Installing larger floor tiles as opposed to traditional 13″ and 12″ will create the appearance of a larger floor. “The grout lines play tricks on the human eye. More grout lines make an area look smaller. Less grout lines make areas look larger”, says Duran. Larger tile installed not only reduces the number of grout lines, but also reduces cleaning and maintenance. With less grout lines comes less areas to keep clean, less areas to stain and less areas to maintain over the life of the floor.

Often customers are reluctant to install larger floor tiles in smaller areas such as bathrooms, pantry closets and laundry rooms. “Fear no more”, says Duran. Putting a larger tile in those smaller areas looks better too, once again actually making those smaller areas of your home look larger. “My only recommendation is to hire a professional installer with correct tools and experience installing larger floor tiles. Installing larger tiles in smaller areas can sometimes be difficult for the less experienced flooring installers. All the more reason to hire Express Flooring, We only work with licensed and bonded professional craftsmen to install flooring for our customers We also are the only flooring company I am aware of that offers a Lifetime Installation Warranty”.

Fung Shway Design: These principles involve the movement of energy and moving blocked areas so energy moves at a balanced pace around the entire home. The selection of floor tiles will actually improve the fung shway of your home as well. “Often customers change the size of tile from room to room. These changes create a break in pattern disrupting the fung shway. Keeping the same tile, pattern of installation, and size of tile throughout all connecting areas of tile installation creates a consistent energy flow and look s absolutely beautiful”, says Duran.